On-demand Webinar

Windows 10 Deployment – A roadmap for rapid success

2017 is the year most companies are going to roll out the majority of their Windows 10 upgrades. Although the default upgrade experiences in Configuration Manager and Windows 10 are good, some strategic and focused preparation can make a big difference to both the benefits you’ll achieve and how much effort, and disruption will be needed.

In this webinar, first in a three-part series, our speakers lay out simple recommendations for preparing for Windows 10 deployment and its on-going maintenance. It includes:

  • A review of the benefits of Windows 10, with a focus on new security features, and prioritizing their importance for your organization
  • A high-level overview of the options for upgrading to Windows 10
  • Understanding your current environment and how that will affect your plans
  • Examples of lessons learned from real world OS deployments

From this webinar, you will leave with a proven planning checklist and recommendations for how to make your Windows 10 project a success.


  • Troy Martin
    Troy Martin
    Technology Architect, 1E
  • Jim Bezdan
    Jim Bezdan
    Principal Consultant, 1