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AppClarity Product Sheet

AppClarity is the fastest, most cost-effective way to establish visibility and control of your software landscape and spend.

Do you know the truth about your IT landscape? Waste should not be an acceptable part of enterprise software licensing. AppClarity provides a single, accurate view of the software installed and active across the enterprise. An automatic process that enables you to proactively manage.

Software and licenses across the enterprise and down to an individual user basis, making IT delivery a leaner and more cost-effective proposition.

Stop paying for software you don’t need. Stop letting your suppliers dictate vendor-audit negotiations. Get the truth about your IT landscape.

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Modern users expect a mobile-like experience, with self-service and instant results. 1E enables IT to deliver comprehensive self-service and respond in real-time by augmenting Microsoft and ServiceNow solutions. Over 1000 organizations trust 1E to meet their user, business, and security needs. Your employees are important; they deserve 1E managed endpoints.