The 2017 IT Incident & Response Report

The 2017 IT Incident & Response Report

Today’s IT teams are besieged with urgent demands and relentless interruptions: security updates, configuration changes, and software audits.

Perhaps this should come as no surprise.

While the likes of Microsoft SCCM and BigFix are superb tools for the execution of those hundreds of thousands of tasks required daily for the secure and smooth maintenance of large computer estates, these tools require scheduled synchronization from endpoint to database, and therefore will not have real-time information.

In other words, they can be a bit slow.

A paradigm-shifting new operations tool, 1E’s Tachyon, has emerged, but we also wanted to understand the full scale of the problem. Exactly what kind of unplanned incidents were eating up our IT teams’ days, and how much time was being lost to them?

1E’s 2017 IT Incident & Response Report is based on responses from over 1,000 tech professionals, and offers a unique insight into exactly how much time, on average, IT currently spends chasing its own tail, and how long it takes to identify and remedy business-critical problems.