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Comprehensive peer-to-peer content distribution

Comparing 1E Nomad with Microsoft peer-to-peer technologies

Content distribution not only affects your network, it also impacts remote workers ability to be productive. They are extremely sensitive to content distribution because the applications they now rely on, such as voice and video conferencing, are bandwidth sensitive. Protecting your employee’s experience is now, more than ever, business critical.

1E Nomad removes the need for distributed servers and intelligently uses only available bandwidth for all content distribution, so your business is never impacted by MEMCM or Windows deployments. It also minimizes the impact of the applications remote workers rely on to both your VPN infrastructure and the user’s internet connection.

Unlike Microsoft technologies which need to combine Peer Cache, BranchCache and LEDBaT, and meticulously manage BITS client settings and boundary groups, 1E Nomad reduces the cost and simplifies bandwidth management and peer-to-peer content sharing in Configuration Manager.

Get the full comparison report and see how 1E Nomad outperforms and improves Microsoft peer-to-peer technologies

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