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Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in the Enterprise: Progress, Patterns, and Gaps

For up-to-date insights into the state of digital employee experience (DEX) in 2022, 1E commissioned a survey of 300 IT decision-makers and knowledge workers from companies with 5,000+ employees to understand their experiences and perceptions.

Read this report to understand DEX enterprise challenges, employee sentiment, and new standards for DEX in 2022.

“80% of all respondents say that DEX is now a key consideration within their enterprise’s digital transformation strategy and 81% agree that those who don’t make DEX a board-level priority will fall behind their competitors”

What started as hybrid and remote work experiments have matured into permanent norms. Our new research reveals how far enterprises have come in their digital employee experience (DEX) journeys—and where they need to quickly close gaps.

  • Where do IT decision-maker (ITDM) and knowledge worker DEX priorities align? Where do they disconnect?
  • How often do enterprise employees experience disruptive digital friction?
  • Where should enterprises focus their DEX improvement resources?

Download the full report to get answers to these questions and many more.

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