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2023 Employee Productivity Surveillance Technology Survey

1E partnered with Wakefield Research for a groundbreaking new report on one of today’s most controversial corporate practices.

The survey of 1,000 IT managers and IT employees found that while most companies use employee productivity surveillance tech (EPST), IT professionals have serious concerns about their role in the harm such technologies cause to coworkers, teams—and counterintuitively—companies.

89% of IT managers say their current or former companies use productivity surveillance tech to monitor employees, yet 73% of IT managers are uncomfortable instructing their staff to deploy it.”

This puts IT departments in a bad situation, and it gets much worse: the research shows that deploying employee surveillance software is often ineffective and can ratchet up employee anxiety, distrust, disloyalty, turnover, and more.

Download the report to learn more about our findings and what they mean for your organization:

  • Bad business: 87% of IT managers have seen a negative impact since their company started using EPST
  • Scaring away talent: 48% of IT workers would turn down an otherwise desirable IT position if they knew the company used EPST
  • Employee wellbeing: this technology’s fallout can cause profound harm like faster burnout, plummeting morale, and higher anxiety
  • Lack of transparency: 48% of IT managers whose companies use EPST say the company wasn’t transparent with its workforce
  • Ethics above job security: 73% of IT workers would tell other employees the company was using EPST, even if doing so was against policy
Employee productivity surveillance technology EPST survey
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