Existing tools are not designed to support the modern endpoint, which is why only 50% of security professionals trust their operations to do this job. 1E can help.

1E’s real-time platform ensures that a live connection is always maintained by all endpoints, giving you the best visibility possible of your entire endpoint estate. Pertinent changes are immediately reported with automatic response. Patches are delivered and installed without fuss. Configuration drift affecting the security posture of each endpoint is managed automatically and remediated as soon as the event occurs rather than over a polling cycle.

1E can help address the following challenges:

Real-time visibility of all endpoints.

All 1E-managed endpoints call home as soon as they have a network connection. Using a single packet exchange, they can provide almost any information about themselves so there is no dependency on the network connection. 1E’s platform is lightweight so endpoints need only to be powered on for a few seconds for this information to be delivered.

Immediate hunt, response and remediation.

The 1E platform enables IT staff to hunt in real-time for issues across the whole organization without any performance impact. This means they can interactively search for machines that are connected to a hostile server, check which processes are initiating the connection and where the executable originated, and then firewall the connection, quarantine the endpoint or blacklist the executable. All of this happens without interruption and in a single thought process so the incident is completely resolved and the operator free to work on the next issue. Nothing else is as fast.

Patch success.

Patching remains a serious problem for most organizations. 1E’s platform ensures all patches are applied successfully and immediately to all endpoints, wherever they are. 1E ensures real-time visibility of all endpoints and their patch status so you will always have visibility of the state of your endpoints, even in a critical patching situation.

Guaranteeing state and controlling configuration drift.

1E specifically designed a feature that ensures you are always in control of the configuration of all endpoints. The lightweight nature of the solution enables hundreds of configurations to be managed without performance issues. Unlike Group Policy, the rules automatically show whether configurations are having to be enforced and whether they have become redundant.

All 1E solutions are based on an outcome. Each solution utilizes several platform features and includes expert services over the lifetime of the customer relationship to ensure the outcome is achieved.

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