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Complete Endpoint Management for ServiceNow®

Consistently deliver faster time to resolution and improved end-user experience with real-time endpoint automation from 1E, integrated to ServiceNow.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Reduce time to resolution and increase first time remediation rates.

1E ITSM Connect embeds real-time endpoint troubleshooting and remediation capabilities directly into the native ServiceNow ITSM Incident Management page. Agents responding to tickets can query and update any online endpoint real-time, over any network connection, executing pre-configured instructions to identify and resolve issues and minimize end-user interruption and deliver improved end-user experiences and support.

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End User Self-Service

Improve end-user experience and self-service capabilities.

Encapsulate everything from VPN settings and Printer configuration to full OS updates and rebuilds into Service Catalog items which can be requested by end users and delivered by 1E solutions like Tachyon, which completes endpoint management, WSS which automates Windows Servicing and Shopping which reduces workload for SCCM and Service Catalog integrations.


Increase response rates and recovery times and decrease cyber risk. 1E SecOps Connect embeds real time incident response capabilities, direct to the endpoint with ServiceNow SecOps incident management.

Aligned to the Analyze, Contain, Eradicate, Review, Recover process, Tachyon instructions provide live endpoint interaction, with all online endpoints, regardless of connectivity type or location.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM)

Integrating Discovery and Inventory capabilities from Tachyon to your ServiceNow CMDB and SAM solutions ensures you have highly accurate, detailed information to fuel analysis of software deployment, usage and retirement with ServiceNow SAM capabilities working together with 1E solutions.

Talk to 1E today about supercharging your ServiceNow experience

Endpoint automation significantly improves end user experience and their ability to generate more value for the business. Tachyon from 1E increases IT capacity through accelerated automation and reduces workload through preventative remediation.

1E ITSM Connect brings the power of Tachyon directly into the ServiceNow incident screen, allowing you to troubleshoot and remediate issues on endpoints in real-time within in a single controlled process.

Enhancing your existing ServiceNow investment together with 1E allows you to benefit from decreased workload and increased capacity through resolving incidents faster.