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Immediate visibility and control

Real-time response means being able to respond to security incidents, and make operational changes, in seconds.

Rapid response at scale makes your organization more secure, and more agile.

What it means

Real-time remediation

Remediate threats in minutes. Not days – or months.

Lightning-quick response capability at scale, without slowing down your whole network. So it can also be used to manage day-to-day IT operations. All designed to drastically reduce the likelihood or impact of a breach.

Guaranteed State

Organizations need to align to industry standard secure configurations to help reduce risk and improve digital resilience.

Guaranteed State from 1E provides the automation of configuration and security controls and lets you report on the current state of all your endpoints and their settings in real-time, with automatic remediation and notification in the event of configuration change.

Business benefits
Reduced vulnerability

Reduced vulnerability

Reduce the chances of a security breach by 83%, using real-time privileged access on-demand.

Reduced disruption

Reduced disruption

Better security cuts your downtime, costs and reputational damage in the event of a breach.

Increased agility

Increased agility

From major security threats to minor end-user issues, empower IT ops to respond with the same lightning-quick speed.

Our customers

Signify (Former Philips Lighting)

“We deployed a fix across 22,000 devices around the world in two days… with Tachyon we could make sure things happened when they needed to happen.”

Kurt De Ruwe
CIO at Signify (Former Philips Lighting)

How we do it


99% of vulnerabilities exploited are known by security and IT.

Tachyon helps security and operations teams to investigate incidents in context, and remediate endpoints in real-time.

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