ServiceNow ITSM

81% of IT incidents re-occur on additional devices within 1 month.

Supercharge your ServiceNow environment and prevent reoccurring incidents before user productivity is impacted.

Adding endpoint automation to your ITSM tooling leads to an 


reduction in the cost and time associated with ITSM incident handling.

The ServiceNow State of Work Report states that by 2020 


of companies will need improved automation to handle increased workload and user demand

According to a survey of over 18,000 professionals: 


of employees work remotely or telecommute for at least half of the week.

Remote users are the new norm in the digital age. Your endpoint solutions must support them.

There are 4 main challenges facing ITSM professionals:

  1. End users today increasingly expect a seamless IT experience.
  2. IT teams are forced to use multiple interfaces and tools to diagnose and remediate issues, increasing pressure on Level 1 helpdesk operations and exacerbating the IT skills gap.
  3. The digital transformation shift towards remote working brings challenges for end-users and IT alike.
  4. Time, resource and costs are wasted on preventable repeat IT incidents.

To address these challenges organizations need actionable visibility, real-time response capabilities and integrated automation, regardless of employee location or endpoint connectivity.

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Endpoint automation significantly improves end user experience and reduces downtime and lost productivity.