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Enterprise Software Asset Management

38% of software spend is wasted on unused or rarely used software

More users work remotely now than ever before. These cannot leave blank spots in your inventory and usage data. Get clarity on license entitlements. Access real-time visibility on SaaS as well as Desktop and Server software metrics from all devices, regardless of your connection type or location.

The Software Usage and Waste Report found an average of

is wasted on unused or rarely used software per user.

According to Gartner,

of SAM professionals list risks of non-compliance, cost savings and automation as their top three drivers for investing in SAM tools.

With an increase in SaaS, Gartner say that by 2019

of existing discovery tools will not meet SAM needs.

Proactively manage your software investments with 1E.

Built on the 1E Tachyon Platform, AppClarity can help you understand the truth about your software landscape and ensure data accuracy and readiness for your next renewal, vendor audit, or compliance review. Designed to deliver long-term value to the business, AppClarity ensures you get the most from your expensive software investments, providing continuous reporting in an evolving landscape.

1E’s fast, automated, and highly scalable solution is designed with accuracy and transparency in mind, allowing you to realize measurable savings in days, not months. AppClarity enables you to proactively manage software and licenses from desktop and server environments while improving security and reducing compliance risk.

Stop paying for software you don’t need!

Software licensing is expensive. Avoid the pitfalls with 1E’s platform from end-to-end SAM:

  1. Ensure you have the right inventory data: Use existing sources and enhance with 1E’s Tachyon Platform. Consolidate and normalize data from thousands of endpoints and get real-time inventory, no matter the endpoint location or connection type.
  2. Get entitlement data under control with an ISO 19770-3 based entitlement compatible with all vendor metrics. Get perfect clarity of your license position when preparing for renewals and vendor audits.
  3. Understand your license requirements, even for complex server metrics and SaaS applications with transparent license demand calculations for a clear and accurate view.
  4. Trust your data and reduce security risks: Remove unused software to improve security and normalize software and hardware data for a clear understanding of your IT estate.
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Find out how 1E can help ensure your data is good, accurate and properly processed. AppClarity give you full control and easy access to your data to meet all your Software Asset Management needs.