End-to-end software automation as your first line of defence against ransomware

Stay Current

The latest cyber-attack called WannaCry is front-page news around the world – this time attacking hospitals and many other businesses. ​

Across the world, enterprises are struggling to understand the steps they need to take to protect themselves, and fully realizing the dangers of out-of-date software.

We all now use software to help with virtually every task. So why are we leaving it vulnerable to attack?​

There is a simple solution.
Keep all software current.

Sumir Karayi

Sumir Karayi


Why do hackers target old software?​

It is getting easier all the time to create malware or software that exploits vulnerabilities in your IT systems. ​

Most respectable software vendors will create and distribute patches quickly to address known vulnerabilities. However, everyone on the Internet now knows there is a way to exploit systems in your organization until you update them with the patch. ​

Keeping software current is critical given our reliance on software. But what may be surprising is that most organizations are incredibly slow at keeping their systems up to date. Moreover, larger organizations with huge IT teams are often the slowest to keep up.

1E and Schneider Electric:
Automating a global Windows 10 migration

Interview with Michal Lackovic, Program Manager, Schneider Electric

In this exclusive 1E case study, made in close collaboration with Schneider Electric, we examine the migration process, as well the solutions used, their business benefits and more besides.

What can you do today?

Change will not happen easily. IT teams are used to huge migration and update projects, and have configured themselves to working this way.

You need to decide now that, as a matter of policy, all software will be kept current.

IT needs to make this happen.

How 1E can help​

1E has 20 years of experience automating the management of endpoints. We can help you embrace constant change with automation so that the management process becomes business as usual​.

Windows Servicing Suite

1E’s Windows Servicing Suite leverages Microsoft management technologies to provide end-to-end automation. All your endpoints can be kept current and patched, this includes migrating to Windows 10 and the latest versions of applications. Some of the additional benefits include responding to employee requests much faster, paying only for software you are using and significantly reduced support costs.


1E’s Tachyon provides the fastest query and remediation capability in the industry. Cyber-attacks will happen, your ability to respond while the attack is happening is essential to limit their damage. Tachyon runs on almost all endpoints and servers, whether they are in the office or at a Starbucks and can respond to threats to a million devices in a few seconds.


1E’s AppClarity provides detailed visibility and control of your software estate. It further builds on 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite capabilities to provide a business intelligence driven reporting, visibility of your contracts and software deployments and, interactive removal of unused software.

Nomad helped Riverside health system achieve 15-minute upgrades

Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 was a daunting challenge for Riverside’s IT Department. Thanks to Nomad, the US healthcare firm was able to dramatically accelerate its Windows upgrade program – slashing the time taken to migrate a PC from three hours to just 15 minutes.

“Nomad delivered our ideal scenario - an automated, low-touch approach that delivered OS upgrades quickly while minimizing disruption - allowing us to roll out machine-appropriate drivers automatically, and restore every user’s individual applications and settings without affecting their work.”

Kenny Covington

System Analyst, Riverside Health System

Why is it so difficult to keep your software up to date?

Your organization has hundreds or thousands of different pieces of software and each one needs to be updated several times a year.

Yet this process is often not well defined or automated, a fact amply demonstrated by how many organizations are running old software and being hacked.

Your enterprise can often be distracted by new solutions, but that should not come at a cost of forgetting about the ones you have already bought and deployed.

The organization needs to accept that software is changing all the time and embrace this reality.

Report on whether all software used in your organization is current.

Very few organizations will currently compare what they have installed to the latest vendor updates available.

Build processes and automation so that software can be updated without touching each system. This is especially important for large projects like OS upgrades.

Rather than earmark this as a huge one-off project, build automation into the process so that software updates become a ‘business as usual’ activity – it just happens without manual intervention.

Invest in a system that enables the IT team to deal with potential problems in real-time.

Your organization is constantly under attack, so you need to be able to react in seconds. Your current systems probably respond in days, which is simply too slow.