What is Real-Time IT?

IT operations and security solutions respond, at best, in minutes to even basic instructions. Even more time is needed when working with endpoints distributed across the organization. IT staff will, of course, start doing something else while waiting and then do the same again due to the next delay. The consequence is distraction, interruptions and lots of unfinished tasks.

1E’s Real-Time Platform, Tachyon, provides immediate responses

Tachyon is designed to remove all delays in communication, even in the largest distributed organization, by reducing most queries and instructions to a single network packet exchange. Every endpoint has an intelligent agent so it understands the task and how it must be done, thus requiring very little information to be transferred.

Let’s look at an example. A simple but frequent question IT asks is what software is installed on every endpoint. On a single PC running a WMI query, it takes 20 seconds to get an answer. Now imagine how long it’ll take across 100,000 PCs to get this answer back; many minutes at least. With Tachyon, you can ask 100,000 PCs the same question and get the answer back from them all in less than 1 second. That’s real-time IT.

Tachyon is truly revolutionary

It was invented with one purpose in mind: to help IT complete every task within a single thought process, without interruption. Tachyon’s speed enables IT staff to finish more tasks every day. It meets employees’ demand for instant gratification, and it helps businesses operate digitally.

Instantaneous response from all endpoints also means complete accuracy. The endpoint is telling you its state at that very moment and the data is not cached or stale, so you can trust it, make a decision and act. All of this means IT processes are much simpler – even in the largest organizations.

Brand new capabilities are made available every day. Let’s consider zero trust across all endpoints to prevent malware. With Tachyon, you can not only remove rights to connect, but also disable all remote protocols on all endpoints. When a valid connection is initiated (Service Desk staff click to connect to the endpoint), Tachyon instantly enables protocols and provides rights for the duration of the session. For Internet-connected devices, this is a new and ultra-safe way of working.

Join the Real-Time IT Community

Our customers are inventing new processes and solutions based on Tachyon every day. We invite you to join this Real-Time IT Community. Your business will thank you, your employees will be happier and your IT team will go home every day with the feeling of having done more than ever before.

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