Software Lifecycle Automation

Optimize your IT talent

In the digital world, it’s the digital companies that will win

Software is at the heart of the digital revolution, and the management of that software is at the heart of every successful digital strategy.

Today, most organizations waste a staggering 90% of IT time just managing software. In a digital world that is unacceptable, and will leave you unable to compete.

The solution is automation.

1E’s software lifecycle automation solutions automate your repetitive day-to-day software management tasks, and allow your IT organization to operate much faster & much more securely, and so enable your businesses to become fully digital, today.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to success

You need to use software to manage your traditional business models and existing IT systems, in a leaner, more responsive and more secure way.

At the same time, you need to use software to drive your business forward at the speed your business expects.

1E customers are doing both. They are agile, lean and responsive. Above all, they are lightning fast when they need to be.

In a digital world, 1E customers are winning.

1E and Schneider Electric:
Automating a global Windows 10 migration

Interview with Michal Lackovic, Program Manager, Schneider Electric

In this exclusive 1E case study, made in close collaboration with Schneider Electric, we examine the migration process, as well the solutions used, their business benefits and more besides.

Over 20 years of Systems Management experience

1E works with the world’s largest and best-known organizations.

We have over 30 million licenses deployed across 1,700 organizations in over 100 countries.

We work with over 150 of the Fortune 500, three out of the top five organizations across 12 different industry verticals, 30% of the top 100 global brands, and 30 organizations with over 100,000 PCs.

We have delivered $2.5 Billion in business impact to our customer base.

All our customers have success stories to tell, and all of them have one thing in common – they are fast, responsive, lean, and more secure through the use of Software Lifecycle Automation from 1E.


We provide an industry leading enterprise app store that allows users to get the apps they need almost immediately. Coca Cola is using this to reduce software request time from 8 days to less than 1 hour.


1E has the most advanced software reclaim tool available. Schneider Electric pointed our solutions at only 3 vendors initially, and reclaimed $1.3m worth of unused software in just 2 months.

Software Lifecycle Automation for the Digital Business

Our Software Asset Management solution allowed LabCorp to gather all the relevant data around all their current software titles in less than one day, something they had never been able to do, ever.

Our content distribution system delivers software to the users whenever they need it, without disrupting the business. Verizon Wireless used this to upgrade 39,000 users to the latest version of Windows in a single month – less than 10% of the time of other large enterprises.


We can offer you a range of solutions that keep your software fully patched, on the latest version, and audit compliant. 1E is helping Becton Dickinson to ensure patch success rates of 96%, compared to previous levels of 80%.