Wipe and Load is expensive

Backup data & settings

Re-configure system for UEFI

Disk repartition

Re-install OS & apps

Restore data & settings

Needs to be
repeated for EVERY PC
in your organization

How many users will be disrupted ?

How many desks to visit?

How long will the process take?

And in
EVERY location

At least one server per location

Lots of bandwidth

People to visit every desk

Leads to
very long migration

On average 2 years

Unhappy users

Potential security
vulnerabilities until complete

Cost & distraction
from business projects

User Driven

User settings and data backed up

Using unique

1E tools, system

re-configured for UEFI

Windows 10

application re-install

Restore user data & settings

Unique self-service portal

Everything automated

No deskside visits by IT

No servers required

BIOS re-configured for UEFI

Disk wiped & reformatted

No servers required

Only those being used

Latest versions

There is a

UEFI is required
for security features

Windows 7 only supports BIOS

BIOS to UEFI conversion requires repartitioning of
hard disks. “Wipe and
Load” of  the whole PC

Windows 10 PC ready for use & ready for future Windows updates

Secure PCs

Happy end users and no downtime

Thousands of systems migrated per day

Exceptionally low costs

No deskside visits by IT

In-place upgrade from Windows 7 does not support new security features




End users want
Windows 10

Great user experience

They use it at home

Unified touch experience

Enterprises need Windows 10
security features

Device Guard

Secure Boot

Credential Guard

1E offers the ONLY self-serve, fully automated, scalable and secure migration solution for Windows 10 deployment. With the 1E OS migration toolset, customers have upgraded the OS on thousands of systems per day.


1E has deployed more than 26 million licenses worldwide, helping more than 1,700 organizations in 42 countries work more efficiently, productively and sustainably. 1E has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 1997.


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