1E unveils Tachyon: a new paradigm in IT

1E unveils Tachyon: a new paradigm in IT

2017 promises to be a momentous year in 1E’s history. For one, it marks our 20th anniversary as a company. On a personal note, I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved in that time. It’s been a lot of work, and a lot of fun. Best of all, we enter our anniversary year safe in the knowledge that our best days are ahead of us.
This is in no small part because this year – today, in fact – sees the launch of what we feel will prove to be our most significant and successful product yet: Tachyon. This cutting edge software allows IT teams to question and control millions of endpoints in real time, regardless of operating system or device.
It’s fitting that the two milestones correspond: Tachyon represents the culmination, to date, of two decades of innovation, insight and success. It is our conviction that it will mark a paradigm shift in IT.
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The likes of Microsoft SCCM and BigFix are superb tools for the execution of those hundreds of thousands of tasks required daily for the secure and smooth maintenance of large computer estates.
By design, however, these tools require scheduled synchronization from endpoint to database, and therefore will not have real-time information.
Today, IT teams are inundated with emergencies: security updates, configuration changes, and software audits. A recent 1E survey of 1,000 IT professionals found that half of respondents stated that they spend between a quarter and their whole day, every day, reacting to unplanned incidents.
Often, we need answers from across the network instantly.

Enter Tachyon

Tachyon lets you directly connect to all your organization’s endpoints (regardless of whether they’re mobile, PCs, servers or anything else), ask them a question, and get the answer in a matter of seconds.
Not hours. Not days. But seconds.
Let’s say you needed to know how many machines out of 200,000 were running a compromised version of Java. Using Tachyon, you can instantly find out which of these are doing so. Next, (and with the same speed) you can respond. Tachyon allows you to stop the connections and remove the software. Then you can put that change into SCCM, BigFix, etc., as policy for the future. But you’ve been able to react to the crisis in real time.
For all of Tachyon’s first customers, the exponential boost in speed and insight has uncovered significant new awareness and use cases. Three areas, however, leap out as promising immediate noteworthy benefits for any organization:

  1. Tachyon lets you instantly fix severe IT problems such as incorrect configuration settings or faulty software updates across all endpoints on a network, including remote or mobile devices.
  2. Tachyon lets you instantly stop security compromises from spreading by identifying and isolating affected devices in real time, and deploy a fix across those devices in seconds.
  3. Tachyon can instantly show auditors software in use across the estate.
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Complementary and Scalable

A cornerstone of 1E’s success over these past two decades has been our ability to enhance our customer’s infrastructure choices. Tachyon is no different. While some solutions claim to offer comparable speeds to Tachyon, implementation is often prohibitively complex, expensive and risky.
Tachyon simply complements your existing infrastructure.
Another cornerstone of our success has been our understanding of how to utilize the network in the most efficient ways imaginable.
Tachyon has taken this to another level still. It is designed to scale to an astonishing number of endpoints – well over one million – without disruption. It has been made with the Internet of Things in mind: as millions of new objects and devices come online in the next few years, Tachyon’s ability to monitor, question and control these will become increasingly significant.
For now, this means Tachyon is ready for any organization in the world, regardless of size. Tachyon is available now. Reach out to one of our experts to find out the difference it could make to your organization today.

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