1E’s Real-Time Platform

Absolute visibility and control of all your endpoints
Tachyon will help your entire IT team get more done every day, starting with endpoints and servers.


Tachyon is designed as an extensible real-time platform for all IT operations. Here are some of its key capabilities:


Explorer is designed to help all IT teams get more done every day. Explorer enables management of each endpoint as if the operator is directly working on the device itself. They can explore the device, ask questions, make changes and see the results with no perceived latency. They can do all this on one or one million devices simultaneously.

Guaranteed state

Guaranteed State ensures that the state of all endpoints is exactly as required by the organization and prevents configuration drift to ensure the endpoint experience does not degrade over time. This means the endpoint is always secure, performant and responsive to the user. Guaranteed State applies as soon as the endpoint connects to the Internet. Control is maintained even if it is then disconnected.

Patch Success

Windows requires special consideration because successful patching involves considerable effort. Patch Success in Tachyon automates the steps for successful patching and provides real-time reporting. If a critical patch needs to be deployed, the operator can follow the deployment in detail, troubleshoot issues within Tachyon and provide management with a minute-by-minute account of the deployment status.

Additional Capabilities

Tachyon is designed as a platform first. It can manage all other agents without the need for large amounts of resources and time, while also replacing other agents due to its easily extensible architecture. Tachyon has a rapid development and test capability for safely deploying new functionality to the entire IT team. 1E, alongside our customers and partners, has already developed 700 functions, while more are made available every day.

Note: If you would like to integrate Tachyon with ServiceNow then please consider the Real-Time Task Automation for ServiceNow solution which includes Tachyon, ServiceNow Automation and expert services for the lifetime of subscription agreement.


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