Real-time Remediation

99% of vulnerabilities exploited by attackers are known to security and IT for at least one year! Why aren’t these being resolved? IT needs a tool specially designed for remediation.

Tachyon helps security and operations teams to investigate incidents in context and remediate all endpoints in real-time.

Easily automate resolution processes with tight integration into existing system tools like ServiceNow, SCCM.

Introduction to Tachyon
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Tachyon demo
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“I’d looked at Tanium. But it was not the same. It wasn’t instantaneous. In terms of speed of response and the ability to do actions right now, Tachyon is amazing.

Sarb Dhanda
Director of Applications and Helpdesk Support, SDI Media


“My team protects many of the largest financial businesses. We chose Tachyon as it is the best hunt and remediation solution available. Its speed and flexibility enable capabilities that are simply not possible with other tools today.”

Nathan Dornbrook
Founder and CTO, ECS Security


Investigate and Remediate

Investigate in Context

IT Security and Operations teams can investigate in real time as the incident is developing, with greater shared context and co-operation.

Remediate all Endpoints

IT can remediate any and all endpoints wherever they are, within seconds and with minimal impact on your network.

Learn and Automate

With each remediation your organisational capability will increase, and these new capabilities can be easily integrated with existing IT Ops tools.

Key Features


Real-time interaction with all your endpoints simultaneously, enables complex multiple step investigation and instant remediation.

Scale & Location

Supports up to 1.5m PC, server, mobile and IoT endpoints wherever they are located.


The Tachyon SDK (TIMS) makes it easy to extend functionality and share instructions with the “Tachyon Exchange” community.


A fully defined RESTful API allows easy integration with existing IT Ops tools like ServiceNow, Splunk, SCCM, etc.

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