1E Tachyon

Real-time, Modern Endpoint Management Solution

The 1E Tachyon single agent and platform is a modern endpoint management solution designed to significantly improve the experience users have with their endpoints. Built around a revolutionary real-time engine, and providing both holistic digital experience monitoring and remediation, Tachyon is a powerful tool that helps IT get control of their endless to do list.


The 1E Tachyon platform provides deep insight into understanding how device experience is impacting employee productivity. By using synthetic ‘microtransactions’ to periodically test the impact of a load on the environment, Tachyon identifies which processes are interfering with normal operation, and in what way.

Designed with an intuitive UI, and based on a patented real-time engine, the 1E Tachyon platform was built to give IT both speed and agility. And by immediately detecting and alerting IT to out-of-policy devices, 1E gives IT the power to enforce compliance and security policies at lightning speed -- meaning a single vulnerability doesn’t turn into an enterprise-wide crisis.

Building on existing policy-based, workflow, and security tools such as ServiceNow, MEM, Splunk, the 1E Tachyon platform substantially improves your organizations return on these technology investments.

By leveraging the kind of insights only 1E can provide, IT can implement proactive maintenance and threat mitigation operations, as well as enforce compliance and security. Plus, Tachyon is built with core self-service and automation functionality for today’s fast-paced IT world, meaning reduced ticket volume and faster resolution times.

  • Case Study

    Signify & 1E

    What every CIO needs to know about Tachyon

    You need to know what’s going on within your organization’s IT estate. You need to be able to react quickly to any kind of security threat, and real-time information makes all the difference. Tachyon can give you that insight. Signify learned this and has implemented Tachyon throughout the business. As Kurt De Ruwe, CIO of Signify said, “Without Tachyon, there would be company-wide rebellion!”


  • “We were going to have to hire more than $600,000 worth of labor to come in and do the process. The other option was automation”

    Kenny Covington
    Riverside Health System
  • “By marrying Tachyon with ServiceNow, you now have the ability to run your entire IT estate from within a controlled process.”

    Nathan Dornbrook
    CTO & Founder, Adarma
  • “The power of Tachyon is that it’s so embedded in our operations that if you were to take it out, there would basically be a rebellion.”

    Kurt De Ruwe
    CIO, Signify

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