The fastest way to interact with all your endpoints

Are you facing relentless IT demands?

In the digital world, your business demands a lot from IT. This demand is unpredictable, urgent, and above all, relentless. You need to be agile enough to move at the pace of any IT incident, security threat or compliance risk.

Analyst View: The need for speed

“Do IT ops actually have the tools necessary to work with security and patch vulnerabilities and remediate infections quickly”

Chris Sherman,
Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.

React immediately to anything

Tachyon enables IT to interact with hundreds of thousands of endpoints in near real-time, providing instant visibility and control in any IT environment.

The ability to instantly interact with hundreds of thousands of endpoints, individually or collectively, gives IT organization the edge needed to stay a step ahead of the relentless challenges of today’s digital world.

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IT Operations, Security and Compliance teams have to deal with an unprecedented level of pressure, threats and expectations. Tachyon can help!

What can you do in just seconds on millions of devices?

Slash troubleshooting and resolution times

Find and fix application, configuration and operating system faults across all of your endpoints

Faster security investigation and response

Find and remediate the machines on your network that have been cyber-attacked by organized crime

Immediately action urgent business requests

Rapidly respond to regulatory compliance, security and software asset management (SAM) audits

I’d looked at Tanium. But in terms of speed of response, it was not the same. It wasn’t instantaneous. In terms of speed of response and the ability to do actions right now, Tachyon is amazing.

Sarb Dhanda
Director of Applications and Helpdesk Support, SDI Media

Why Tachyon?

Instantly secure, manage and control millions of endpoints

Instant Endpoint Management

Tachyon provides historic data by monitoring critical endpoint activity to operations teams to quickly identify issues when troubleshooting endpoints. The unique Tachyon platform allows visibility across hundreds of thousands of endpoints in an in milliseconds and give admins the power to remediate any incidents across all devices within minutes instead of hours.

Extensible Platform

Tachyon is supplied with an extensive library of instructions that can be directed to endpoints to ask questions and take actions. Tachyon’s powerful extensibility encapsulates expert learning to simplify complex tasks that are more specific to your organization’s needs which can then be shared across your organization.

Integrated Ecosystem

Tachyon is tightly integrated into your existing ecosystem by expanding the functionality of your in-place applications. The integration with 1E Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) provides real-time management and automation to Microsoft SCCM. The integration with ServiceNow and Splunk provides incident and event management workflow integration.

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The Tachyon Platform

Tachyon might look simple, but the technology behind the scenes is anything but

Fast and direct communication
Faster than peer-to-peer solutions, Tachyon is as fast as a ‘ping’. No resource utilization when idle.
Each agent maintains a direct secure connection with the Tachyon server. Tanium uses peer-to-peer chains of 100 devices to operate optimally; VPN and internet connected devices are unable to use this optimization.
Data Accuracy
No caching means that you always get accurate results from any interaction. You gain confidence and save time.
Device data is always up to date as results are immediately sent using a secure open channel. Tanium’s approach is to execute sensors based on a periodic schedule.
No expensive refit of network or infrastructure is required to serve even the largest of enterprises.
Supports up to 1.5 million endpoints connected directly using commodity hardware. With 20 MB data from each device, stored centrally, SQL Server Enterprise is required.
Network bandwidth
Minimal impact on networks, infrastructure and endpoints meaning no hardware changes are required.
Dynamically adjusts network bandwidth usage, prioritizing for normal business activity. Bandwidth is statically tuned and cannot react to changing network conditions.
Multi-platform agents
Execute instructions without writing platform specific code.
Supports interaction with all types of devices from servers to IoT. Tanium requires platform specific sensors to be written each with their own language.
Internal, external and mobile
Securely manage devices in remote offices or connected via the cloud.
Easily accesses devices regardless of network type or topology. Mobile devices may face challenges, as Tanium agents have to contact the servers periodically.
Powerful open extensibility
Easily extends Tachyon functionality using the open, community backed, agent language.
Extensions can include any command or script.
Tanium can only be extended by writing sensors in a language native to the device.
Intuitive user experience
Only the results that have been requested are returned.
Tachyon Explorer guides the user to ask the right question. Natural language may lead to unpredictable results, requiring the user to retry questions and slowing investigations.
1E is not affiliated with Tanium, Inc., the owner of the registered trademark for TANIUM.

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