1E Tachyon

Real-Time Remote Endpoint Management

The 1E Tachyon single agent and platform is a remote endpoint management solution designed to significantly improve the experience users have with their endpoints.

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Built around a revolutionary real-time engine*, and providing both holistic digital experience monitoring and remediation, Tachyon is a powerful tool that helps IT get control of their endless to do list.

Ensure employees can work anywhere and have a great experience

Now employees are remote, we automatically test their endpoint to ensure it can be used productively. We run our patented synthetic ‘microtransactions’ to check every endpoint and automatically check for root causes so the problem can be remediated. And this is all done proactively so IT will know of any issues and their causes before the employee even calls the service desk.

Help IT get through their rapidly increasing to-do list

IT teams are being crushed with things to do but most operational tools aren’t fast or accurate enough to get through that to do list. 1E’s Tachyon only requires a single network packet exchange for most operations so it’s fast and always in control, even across thousands of remote endpoints. Tasks are completed immediately so IT keep on top of their to do list with increased efficiency.

Compliance, configuration drift, and patching made easy

With Tachyon, compliance and configuration drift management is instantaneous and simple. When you set a rule across your organization, the results are immediate. Rules are also highly intelligent, can perform complex tasks and are automatically checked for effectiveness. Tachyon also gives you complete visibility over the patching process and the power to remediate issues as they arise.

Leverage your investments in ServiceNow and Microsoft

Tachyon is built to learn and grow so senior technicians can pass on complex fixes as simple and easily identified instructions to the service desk and other teams. All Tachyon instructions are available within the ServiceNow platform so the service desk team can fix issues without leaving the console. This results in a massive increase in productivity (over 40% achieved in one of our largest clients). Tachyon can also augment Microsoft SCCM, Intune and other technologies so IT can get on with their jobs.

* When we say real-time we mean real-time…

Customer Success Story

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    What every CIO needs to know about Tachyon

    You need to know what’s going on within your organization’s IT estate. You need to be able to react quickly to any kind of security threat, and real-time information makes all the difference. Tachyon can give you that insight. Signify learned this and has implemented Tachyon throughout the business. As Kurt De Ruwe, CIO of Signify said, “Without Tachyon, there would be company-wide rebellion!”


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