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Real-time Response

Malware and viruses take minutes to spread – creating havoc as they go. A quick response is critical to track the threat and contain the damage.

Tachyon enables real-time response. It empowers both security and IT operation teams to investigate incidents in context and remediate any endpoint, anywhere, at scale.

Features and benefits

Investigate in context

IT Security and Operations teams can investigate in real-time as the incident is developing, with greater shared context and co-operation.

Tachyon supports simultaneous threat hunting across a single or thousands of endpoints, regardless of location.

Remediate all endpoints

IT can remediate any and all endpoints wherever they are, within seconds and with minimal impact on your endpoint or network resources.

Role-based access and approvals ensures IT governance of remediation actions.

Learn and automate

With each remediation, your organizational capability to automate and learn is improved.

Tachyon is easily integrated with your existing SecOps and ITSM tools to provide end-to-end governance.

  • ECS Security

    By marrying Tachyon with ServiceNow, you now have the ability to run your entire IT estate from within a controlled process
    Nathan Dornbrook
    CTO & Founder, ECS Security

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  • Signify

    “From an information retrieval point of view, Tachyon is a bit like the Google of your whole IT landscape.”
    Kurt De Ruwe
    CIO at Signify (Formerly Phillips Lighting)

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  • SDI Media

    “We knew that the WannaCry ransomware would be constantly mutating, and that other versions of it will come out: we needed to make sure that SMBv1 was switched off everywhere.”
    Sarb Dhanda
    Director of Applications and Helpdesk Support, SDI Media

    Read the Case Study
Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

Tachyon’s point-to-point direct communication architecture provides a location-agnostic solution to support a mobile workforce.

Speed & Scalability

Speed & Scalability

Real-time interaction with all your endpoints simultaneously, enabling complex multiple-step investigation and instant remediation.



The RESTful API simplifies integration and automation with tools such as ServiceNow, Splunk & SCCM.

Next Generation Real-Time platform

Unique 1-packet architecture

  • Near network speed response (real-time)
  • Extremely lightweight on the network and clients
  • Last generation security
  • Works across internet, VPN, LAN and WAN
  • Modern world design – mobile devices. IOT devices
  • Scale tested to 1.5M endpoints
  • Deeply integrated with ConfigMgr & ServiceNow

“This is the sixth EDR solution we have evaluated. Tachyon is, without question, the most secure EDR solution we have tested. 1E obviously takes the secure programming and development seriously.”

PEN Consultants
Sept 2018
Cyber Defense Magazine - Infosec Awards winner 2018
Cyber Defense Magazine
Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher
“1E won the Most Innovative, Endpoint Security award, because they are an innovator on a mission to help stop breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat, proactively”

Video resources

Tachyon Product Sheet

Discover more about how Tachyon’s unique, scalable, real-time remediation capability can help your business by downloading our Tachyon Product Sheet now.

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News & Insights

“Oftentimes, my queries were answered with literally a blink of the eye, even on large test networks with thousands of endpoints. While many EDR products require lots of skills and copious classroom training. Tachyon is as simple to use as a search query.”

David Strom
strom.com, 2018
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