#1EMVPchat: things we learned

#1EMVPchat: Things we learned

Ain’t no party like a #1EMVPchat Twitter Party, and our Twitter Parties don’t stop! Well. Technically they stop, but you can still check out what transpired during the event by putting the hashtag #1EMVPchat into Twitter. That’s right! It’s like an everlasting hangout where you can see everything that happened so you never feel left out. Our MVP hosts Paul Winstanley, Matthew Hudson, and our own Shaun Cassells discussed some important Windows 10 features and things to consider when beginning your migration. Here are some highlights from the party.

Matthew Hudson let us in on a cool feature for those out there who are color blind:


Paul Winstanley chimed in on how he stays ahead of trends:


And Shaun Cassells had some important things to say about staying up-to-date with new features:


Paul told us about his organization’s Windows 10 adoption:


And Matt gave great advice about going to conferences like #MMSMOA:

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