Accelerating Windows 10 deployments with zero touch automation Q/A

Accelerating Windows 10 deployments with zero touch automation Q/A

The second part of this webinar series with Jim Bezdan and Troy Martin looked into the Windows 10 update process in detail. There were lots of questions and we have the answers for you. If there’s something we missed, please let us know and we will help you solve the problem.

Question: Does this stuff tie into ConfigMgr or is this only for the 1E store?
Answer: 1E Shopping provides self-service capabilities, allowing users to request software installs and operating system deployments.  Shopping is a comprehensive web portal that integrates seamlessly with ConfigMgr.
Question: Does this require the 1607 ADK?
Answer: No. ADK 1607 is a prerequisite for ConfigMgr. 1E Windows Servicing Suite does not have a dependency on ADK 1607.
Question: If we gave our users control over when win10 got installed on their PC, many of them would deliberately NOT install it “because I don’t have time” so the rollout would never finish.
Answer: The goal of offering a self-service strategy for deploying Windows 10 is to diversify the service IT is providing the user community, in a way that empowers the users.  This helps users to be part of the migration as opposed to feeling like IT is forcing Windows 10 on the environment. We have found that our customers that have used 1E Shopping to aid in operating system deployments truly enhanced the relationships IT has with the user community.  It’s not meant to replace deploying Windows 10 centrally by IT, but it is a great compliment to it.
Question: Is there IBCM with nomad?
Answer: Nomad does support Internet Based Client Management (IBCM). Nomad will use the same PKI certificates used by the ConfigMgr clients.  When Nomad clients are at offsite meetings, hotels, or airports, they will continue to share content with other Nomad peers that are connected to the same networks.  Should the Nomad client need to download content from a DP, it will do so using Nomad’s patented Reverse QoS bandwidth management technology.
Question: Can 1E solution work with MDT or does it require SCCM?
Answer: Nomad does not integrate with standalone MDT. Nomad only integrates with ConfigMgr (and even IBM Bigfix).
Question: Is PXE service to be enabled from the SCCM server? Or any 1E PXE service to be enabled?Answer: 1E PXE Everywhere provides peer-based PXE booting, without the need for ConfigMgr PXE-enabled distribution points.  It operates very similar to Nomad.
Question: Any Firewall or NAC port should be enabled in SCCM environment?
Answer: Nomad uses HTTP (TCP/5080)/HTTPS (5443) by default and only requires inbound firewall rules for these ports to be opened.
Question: We are currently using Quest K2000 (previously DELL KACE). Can we take advantage of the different steps you presented during this Webinar?
Answer: No. 1E Windows Servicing Suite and ConfigMgr task sequences only integrate and work with ConfigMgr.
Question: Where can I find examples of BIOS to UEFI task sequences from 1E site with detailed info?
Answer: Task sequence examples will be made available on the 1E Resource page. 


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