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Announcing the 2015 1E customer excellence award winners

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It’s back to business here at 1E after last week’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB) in Boston, and we’ve wasted no time in sharing the invaluable feedback we heard from our customers and analysts.
The CAB also provides us with an opportunity to announce the five winners of 1E’s 2015 Customer Excellence Awards, which recognize the outstanding work our customers do in embracing and implementing software lifecycle automation.
Amongst the winners were Riverside Health Systems, who completed their XP migration in record time using 1E technologies.
Kenny Covington, Systems Administrator for Riverside Health Systems said: “I am extremely glad I was able to sell our management on 1E’s solutions and then see it come to fruition. We have come from managing a completely manual solution to being able to shop for our OSD migration and then see it finish several hours later without any interaction. That truly is a game changer for our company.”
Other customers to receive 1E Excellence Awards included:

  • Sony for delivering a highly optimized and efficient systems management platform with Nomad (and for significantly improving the security on their end-points)
  • Becton Dickinson (BD) for meeting their security requirements by optimizing and enhancing their software and patch distribution capabilities using Nomad and Shopping enterprise app store
  • Major Insurance Company based in Connecticut who rapidly delivered measureable and hard savings by reclaiming unused software and optimizing license spend using AppClarity
  • Major US Regional Bank for continuing to innovate and find new ways to optimize software distribution in large, complex IT environments. (Did you know that our clients securely automate the deployment of software to ATMs?)

Congratulations to all these customers who have transformed their IT estates using 1E technologies. While we do all we can to create agile, fully automated solutions that can adapt to suit any environment, we recognize that our customers have unique and often complex IT landscapes and that it takes a skilled and dedicated IT task force to manage them effectively.
As such, I’d also like to thank those customers who delivered a number of truly insightful presentations on how they were able to use 1E’s software lifecycle tools to achieve exceptional results. We heard from one customer who manages software distribution in real-time across one of the largest IT environments in the world, and another who has mitigated the risk of vendor audits through effectively managing its software estate, saving millions of dollars on unused software in the process. Others shared success stories around solving enterprise challenges or delivering superior software self-service capabilities.
To our honorees, I’m proud and inspired to see the very real impact that 1E software and services can have on your businesses. I know I speak for all of my colleagues at 1E when I say that I’m genuinely honored to work with such exceptional companies and individuals.


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