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1E Products

1E Tachyon


Real-time visibility and control

Tachyon helps security and operations teams to investigate incidents in context and remediate all endpoints in real-time.

99% of vulnerabilities exploited are known by security and IT. Resolve them with Tachyon.

Windows Servicing Suite

Windows Servicing Suite

Complete endpoint automation

1E's Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) provides complete automation of all Windows servicing scenarios, including migration, replace, home user and break/fix.

Scale your IT to better manage modern Windows Servicing.

WSS family

1E Nomad


Windows Software Deployment

Nomad is the smart way to distribute Windows 10, applications and updates across the enterprise.

Fast and secure, peer-to-peer content distribution.

Windows Servicing Assistant

Windows Servicing Assistant

On-Demand Automation

Windows Servicing Assistant (WSA) gives end users control of Windows servicing tasks without the need for an IT technician going desk-to-desk. with all migration scenarios supported independently of user location.

Put your end users in the driver’s seat.

Application Migration

Application Migration

Automated Application Migration

Application Migration solves the complexity of application management with a specially curated catalog and automation engine delivering scalable application rationalization and migration.

Delivering the right applications to each user every time.

1E Shopping


The App Store for the Enterprise

Shopping combines the on-demand user experience of consumer devices with the control, integration and automation needs of corporate IT.

End-users are only ever a click away from the software and IT services they need.

Other 1E Products

1E AppClarity


Modern SAM

AppClarity is a software asset management tool offering the fastest, most cost-effective way to reduce software sprawl, and establish visibility and control of your software usage and spend.

Do have a true view of your software landscape?

1E NightWatchman


PC Power Management

NightWatchman provides the enterprise with total control over the entire PC estate, 24 hours a day.

Why should software delivery work better for consumer devices than the enterprise?

Free tools

Free Tools

Free tools focused on optimizing processes and resolving common issues in order to help you manage your Software Lifecycle Automation.

Free Tools
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