Bad Santa: Oracle’s Hunt for Java Licensing Cash

Bad Santa: Oracle’s Hunt for Java Licensing Cash

In an unseasonal show of anti-Christmas spirit, Oracle is reported to have instigated a first-time global sweep for Java license fees, potentially leading to significant unexpected costs for those enterprises deploying Java-based tech across their endpoints.
The technology multinational originally got its hands on Java – as part of its Sun Microsystems acquisitions – back in 2010. Much more recently, though, like a Bad Santa, it has been making a list (finalizing audit criteria, etc.), checking it twice, and getting ready to come after those it deems naughty in the near future.

Indeed, reports state that some companies have already woken up to six figure fee demands, while twenty newly hired elves (well, audit specialists), focused on Java auditing at Oracle’s License Management Services, will be looking to ensure that these are only the first of many.

“Java is free but, certain elements of Java SE aren’t – like the MSI Enterprise JRE Installer,” explains Jason Keogh (VP Product here at 1E). “Companies that are deploying Java based tech across their endpoints need to make sure that they don’t have anything installed that leaves them exposed to unexpected costs.”
Keogh says that the impact of the Oracle push will likely be twofold.
“Firstly, you have those customers that are concerned with audit – something they thought was free, may not be free. Figuring that out requires a level of knowledge about the deployment and usage of Java that goes beyond most organizations ability to gather.

“Secondly, however, it is worth considering the less obvious implications – they need to make sure they’re not exposing their company to additional unexpected costs via third party, Java-based applications, at anything up to $300 per endpoint.”

Meanwhile, reports that one Oracle customer managed to cut a $100,000 bill relating to Java SE to $30,000, points yet again to the value in strategic SAM. (The opposite, you might say, of leaving out some mince pies and sherry for the unwelcome visitor.)
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