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Beyond the Migration: Remote Workers & Windows 10 Q/A


Organizations are still struggling to figure out what they’re going to do after their migrations are completed.

It’s a common challenge because there are still so many businesses that are not done with them yet. As the deadline for Windows 7 support is getting closer and closer, teams are left wondering what will come of their machines. In our live session with MVP Simon Binder, we addressed some of these issues.
In case you missed it or want to watch it again, the on-demand session is available here.

Check out some of the questions the audience asked below.

Question: When we manually upgrade to a new build of Windows 10 it’s a 1-2 hour process. Does your upgrade work faster?
Answer: The 1E method copies all the content to the machine being migrated and then starts the task sequence. Having the content local will definitely make the build go quickly, how quickly will depend on several factors.
Question: My home office is serviced by an extremely slow internet provider using ADSL 2mbps download on a good day. Will the 1E solutions for Windows 10 work effectively in my case?
Answer: Yes, the Windows Servicing Assistant solution is designed to work in both corporate office and remote/home office environments.
Question: Can these tools manage my BIOS-UEFI conversion problem in an automated way with my windows 10 deployment?
Answer:  Yes, the 1E tools are able to convert the BIOS to UEFI for HP, Dell, and Lenovo systems.
Question: In the previous step mentioned that users themselves can select required files while imaging but somehow, he missed one file to choose and post imaging he wants on that file. How can we restore?
Answer: Only files/folders configured in the USMT config and/or selected by the user during the Windows Servicing Assistant wizard will be migrated. If a file is not selected there is no option to recover the file.
Question: We are using USMT tool for data restoration and if it failed while Refresh OS deployment method, we are restoring with the help of Key?
Answer: The answer is the same for the previous question.
For more help, reach out or watch the on-demand session is available here.


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The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022