Nomad removes the need for distributed servers and intelligently uses only available bandwidth for all content distribution, so the business is never impacted by SCCM or Windows deployments, however large.

With over 10 million Nomad licenses deployed across several hundred customers, Nomad is considered one of the most reliable Windows management tools and enjoys a customer renewal rate of almost 100%.

The Nomad Client is now the 1E Client. All Nomad customers now have access to specific Tachyon functionality to help with SCCM client health and other common Windows management issues.

Some of the key challenges Nomad helps address are:

Removal of all distributed servers for simpler Windows servicing

Nomad uses several enterprise-grade technologies to remove the need for any distributed servers. All Nomad technologies are designed as fault-tolerant systems and work even if there is only one machine left in a branch. No other technology is as robust.

Fearless content distribution

Nomad has a unique perspective. It is the least important tool when it comes to hogging network bandwidth; it uses only free bandwidth. You can transfer the largest content fearlessly, knowing it’ll get there fast and it will not disrupt.

Windows Self-Service

Nomad is available as the Windows Self-Service solution. This is the only end-to-end automation solution which empowers employees to self-service Windows deployments, migrations, rebuilds and even replacements from home. We automate every single step.

The Nomad Client is now the 1E Client

Nomad, Tachyon and other 1E technologies are now all a single 1E client agent with ever-increasing capabilities. This single agent is being used to replace many agents due to its flexibility, extensibility and instantaneous response capability.


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