1E Nomad provides the lowest possible cost of managing MEMCM and guarantees the best digital employee experience.

1E Nomad is self-managing content distribution infrastructure for Microsoft Endpoint Management. It removes the complexity and management overhead of three complicated technologies while ensuring a completely healthy endpoint estate. Nomad’s proven peer-to-peer technology intelligently uses only spare bandwidth for all IT content distribution, so your employees’ work is never impacted by MEMCM or Windows deployments.

Key benefits

1E Nomad reduces the management and admin time of MEMCM by up to 90%

MEMCM infrastructures without 1E Nomad either utilize extensive server infrastructure or three complex technologies (Delivery Optimization, BranchCache and PeerCache). Managing and administering these can be a resource drain as they need ongoing tuning and attention.

Nomad replaces all this overhead with an effortless, self-driving infrastructure.

Automated application deployment

1E Nomad augmented endpoints achieve far better patch success

Endpoint health is the biggest impediment to patch and deployment success. Many organizations have upwards of 10% unmanageable clients at any given time.

1E Nomad’s Endpoint Health Remediation has taken many clients from a mid 80% patch success rate to the high 90s in a matter of weeks.

1E Nomad augmented endpoints achieve far better patch success

The employee experience optimized network

The shift to hybrid working places increased emphasis on video calls and connectivity. More than ever the network is critical to employee productivity and digital experience.

Most off the shelf technologies for managing IT content distribution, (like BITS and LEDBAT) have some bandwidth throttling but can be slow to react to user network needs.

1E Nomad provides an employee experience optimized network.
Three ways we guarantee zero user disruptions:

The employee experience optimized network
  1. 1E Nomad dynamically ensures IT traffic is downloaded only in spare bandwidth.
  1. But… 1E Nomad only uses 80% of this unused capacity to allow for sudden bursts of user network activity.
  1. 1E Nomad is the fastest solution to back off the instant more bandwidth is needed by the user.

1E Nomad’s vision is to ensure that all organizations can maximize their investment in Microsoft Modern Management

1E Nomad’s latest release delivers a single pane of glass across Delivery Optimization and Nomad content transfers. Future releases of Nomad will bring visibility to more content transfer technology.

1E Nomad’s upcoming version 8 release in the Tachyon Platform will also make managing the fiddly, native Microsoft technologies much easier to configure, manage and troubleshoot. Allowing you to use these native technologies whilst ensuring an excellent employee experience.

1E Nomad’s vision is to ensure that all organizations can maximize their investment in Microsoft Modern Management

1E Nomad is part of the Tachyon platform

Tachyon Welcome is a new module (currently in beta) that leverages Microsoft Autopilot to provide a delightful new device experience.

Tachyon Protect is a new module (currently in beta) that gives real-time visibility into patch status and uses automation to ensure unprecedented patch success.

Tachyon platform

Reduce costs and simplify management of peer-to-peer content distribution

Unlike Microsoft technologies which need to combine Peer Cache, BranchCache and LEDBaT, and meticulously manage BITS client settings and boundary groups, Nomad reduces the cost and simplifies bandwidth management and peer-to-peer content sharing in Configuration Manager.

Find out how 1E Nomad outperforms Microsoft peer-to-peer technologies

Watch the video

What’s new in 1E Nomad 7.1, the Modern Management Edition?

1E Nomad 7.1 The Modern Management Edition

1E Nomad 7, now on the 1E Tachyon Platform, is the simplest way to manage Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Take advantage of the additional benefits that are now included:

  • A revamped dashboard that helps you keep track of content distribution across multiple sources, including Delivery Optimization
  • Integration with the 1E Tachyon Platform, enabling you to take advantage of further features that support Modern Management
  • Real-time troubleshooting of device issues in a single pane of glass to diagnose bandwidth and content cache issues
  • …and more!
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First Citizens Bank transitioned toremote working almost overnight

When the pandemic hit, like many other organizations, First Citizens Bank had to pivot almost overnight to working from anywhere. Hear about the challenges they faced supporting a remote workforce, how they rose to those challenges with 1E Nomad, and what this means for their business and IT strategy in 2021 and beyond.

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