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Digital Employee Experience (DEX): Building a plan for 2022

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Why DEX?

With the workplace set to remain a combination of hybrid and remote working for the foreseeable future, the digital workplace and digital experience of employees has never been more significant. Why? Well, a poor experience can have huge implications for employee retention, productivity, and – by association – the wider business or bottom line. Organizations and digital leaders must be mindful of this, plan accordingly, and invest in the right DEX tools.
According to Gartner, Digital Employee Experience Management (DEX) tools aggregate performance and usage data from endpoints, contextual sentiment from employees about the use of tech, and organizational context from workplace analytics. They apply machine learning to gain insight driven automation that eliminates issues causing poor employee experience or affecting productivity.
Forrester highlights that 1 in 5 say they need to improve DEX practices to meet today’s remote workforce needs. And with this in mind, it seemed only fitting that our fall WFA conference focus on DEX, relevant tools, and how organizations can build a plan for the next phase of hybrid working.

Step 1: Brush up on your DEX knowledge

The goal of WFA ’21 this month is to provide you with everything you need to build out a successful DEX plan for 2022 (which it right around the corner, yikes!). Alongside a line-up of fantastic and knowledgeable speakers, we’ll be unveiling key research from Forrester that shows how unprepared IT organizations are to support remote and hybrid work:

  • 1 in 5 IT organizations say they need to improve DEX practices to meet today’s remote workforce needs
  • Just 10% say they can self-heal devices, with only 8% of total IT cases resolved via self-healing on average
  • 55% say they only collect particularly deep data in one or two areas and don’t have a holistic understanding of the digital employee tech experience

Don’t miss out on key survey findings to help inform your strategy moving forward, highlighting the impact of a great digital experience on employee productivity, retention of talent, and overall engagement.

Step 2: Assess your own DEX maturity

In addition to the research, Forrester will be launching the industry’s first DEX maturity model at the conference. This maturity model enables organizations to assess their maturity against their peers to determine their level – basic, intermediate, advanced – based on four disciplines:

  1. Monitoring
  2. Security and compliance
  3. Remediation and automation
  4. Operating model and integration

Created by Forrester Research, the DEX maturity model looks at the state of remote and hybrid work and provides a path for organizations to reach higher levels of maturity for increased employee retention and satisfaction, as well as improved productivity.

Step 3: Get your DEX initiative where you want it to be

It’s important to understand where it is you want your DEX initiative to be once you understand your organization’s maturity level based on the aforementioned disciplines. There are three key sessions that work alongside Forrester’s research to support your journey:

How will WFA help me build a DEX plan?

The conference sessions are designed to suit each maturity level and provide the right blueprint best suited to your organization to build out the right DEX plan:

  • Understanding what DEX means and how to use automation
  • How to choose the right DEX solution
  • Aligning DEX projects to business-wide employee experience initiatives

Engineered for the world of remote working, all WFA sessions are designed in a sprint format that encourages high-energy conversations and provides a stream of valuable content in only half a day. The whole conference is only 4 hours long with sessions no longer than 25 minutes. Not to mention, we have a fantastic line-up of digital workplace experts ready to explore the greatest challenge for IT organizations today: maturing our approach to managing digital experiences for hybrid working.
You can expect to end the day armed with actionable DEX takeaways and content to break down the siloes in your organization-wide approach to digital employee experience.

Don’t miss out on the Work From Anywhere Conference this fall, register now to save your space!


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