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Elevating Communication for Enhanced User Experiences with 1E

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An often-overlooked key to providing an excellent user experience lies in increasing interactions and communication with end users. Whether proactive or reactive, effective and consistent communication between enterprises and employees is essential. It enables a better understanding of employee needs, addressing concerns, and ultimately the delivery of an exceptional digital experience. In an era of increased remote work, periodic and reliable communication is more important than ever. Regardless of device location, 1E is here to help IT Teams provide communication for issue resolution, change management, security awareness, feedback, and much more.

One approach to improving communication is to send out user interactions, such as surveys and announcements. You can use 1E’s Employee Sentiment module to create sentiment surveys, information surveys, and announcements. Sending out a sentiment survey is a method of assessing a user’s feelings about their digital experience. This data then contributes to the user’s overall digital employee experience (DEX) score in 1E’s Experience Analytics module.

Enterprises have the flexibility to send out personalized sentiment surveys at intervals tailored to their preferences. And can seek feedback on aspects such as device performance or IT department satisfaction. You can compare the data from these surveys to the device’s actual performance, giving actionable insights to enhance a user’s digital experience. When survey responses proactively uncover issues, they can be cross-referenced with real-time data within the 1E Platform. Doing so helps mitigate the possibility of users suffering in silence and reduces the volume of support tickets.

Deploying an information survey can help to collect data concerning experiences with using particular tools/software, software rollouts, remote work, and so forth. This process provides the opportunity to inquire about specific information without affecting the sentiment score in 1E Experience Analytics. Whether you’re seeking to determine user preferences, assess the condition of something, or gather other valuable insights, information surveys empower organizations to make informed decisions based on user feedback.

An announcement sends notifications to end users to keep them informed about ongoing work and device-related developments. Examples include monthly patching notifications, alerts for software updates and rollouts, as well as notices regarding newly implemented policies and procedures. Announcements should be used to effectively convey crucial information to end users before events occur. Incorporating sender details such as the name and/or department, along with a photo, offers excellent options to enhance personalization.

Cultivating improved communication within an organization can also entail the strategic deployment of ad-hoc announcements to end users. These can inform them about upcoming events like patches or unforeseen incidents such as outages, for example.

1E’s Endpoint Troubleshooting module can send out impromptu information, warnings, or error messages to a singular user, a targeted group of users, or all users within the estate. This is especially valuable when time is a critical factor. In instances such as when a VPN is down, a common reaction is for numerous employees to submit support tickets. However, each of these tickets incurs a cost. What if promptly notifying users about ongoing incidents could reduce ticket influx? Within seconds, a message can be efficiently dispatched from the 1E Platform to users, enabling IT to quickly respond to issues and preventing the immediate need for ticket submissions.

Using 1E’s Endpoint Automation to proactively implement a policy for trigger-based user interactions is another way to effectively improve end user communication. 1E leverages automation to quickly detect and remediate issues, such as the problem of insufficient disk space. When disk space exceeds a set threshold, a notification appears on a user’s device, prompting the user to free up disk space. This interactive message is the 1E Platform communicating with end users, empowering them to resolve their own issues while preventing the need for support tickets. To learn more about 1E’s solution for helping users with limited physical memory, please read our blog on Fixing Disk Space with 1E.

Give your employees a positive digital experience with anytime, anywhere communication through the 1E Platform. Organizations should strive to provide regular updates, timely notifications, and personalized communication. Why? To reduce time spent on addressing issues, resolving misunderstandings, and compensating for the absence of upfront information. Cultivating a work environment where communication thrives can make all the difference in an end user’s digital employee experience (DEX). Employees value being heard and informed about ongoing events or issues. This is why increasing real-time interactions can drive down frustration levels, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce employee attrition.  


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022