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1E graduate diary – part four


Since 2012 1E has operated a Graduate Training Scheme within our software engineering department. We all recently joined the company as part of their second intake of graduates. This graduate diary series we hope will allow future graduates to get a feel for life at 1E.
After six months our Grads have all passed their probation review, and can now look back on a successful beginning to their careers with 1E. Below Ravi, Winta, and Raj give us a quick update as to where they are now.


As a Graduate Software Engineer on MyWorkNow, I have gained experience with virtualization technology as well as automation testing and environmental setup. I deal with testing both the application itself and its infrastructure on a daily basis. I’ve delved into a number of virtualization technologies, including Oracle VirtualBox, Hyper-V and VMWare. I contribute test cases to user stories, and carry them through to implementation in SpecFlow and then continuous integration on TeamCity. I’ve gotten to explore automating cloud technologies and deployments. I communicate with my team daily at stand-ups, allowing us to work together on delivering stories, resulting in a well built, robust product.


Working on the AppClarity team has allowed me to work on both the product itself, and the ActiveEfficiency platform. This has exposed me to the wider product range here at 1E. AppClarity is a product that directly affects IT cost optimization and IT efficiency in large organisations. I have participated in some releases, from user-story planning to regression testing. Attending daily stand-ups gives me a well scoped view of the product, enabling me to work independently. Setting up my labs allowed me to work with Hyper-V manager and SCCM. Using TargetProcess I have contributed to stories from planning through to automation in SpecFlow.


Keeping the developers’ and testers’ environments up-to-date on both the software and hardware sides is one of my key responsibilities at 1E. Most of the developers’ workstations are higher-spec than servers used in small businesses. Engineering team members raise Internal-IT tickets by sending an email to a specific address when they need help, creating a job in the ticketing system. If I see a ticket in the system queue which is in my coverage area, I don’t hesitate to drag it into my queue and try to resolve it ASAP and in a highly satisfactory manner. As a Graduate DevOps Engineer all the work that I do requires a lot of communication, coordination, and team work, all of which helps me improve my skills portfolio.
It has been seven months. We’ve passed our probation period here at 1E. Working here has given us the opportunity to expand our horizons from fresh graduates to peers. We’d like to thank our mentors and fellow colleagues for helping us make the transition.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022