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Your Windows 10 migration says a lot about your IT governance strategy

1E recently conducted a survey to identify how organizations are coping with the Windows 10 migration challenge. The “Windows 10 2020: Beyond the Migration” report highlights that many organizations are far off completing their migration. Equally alarming, many organizations’ IT…

Pareto’s Law doesn’t have to rule over your Windows servicing

As organizations require more comprehensive endpoint and security management, they face an increase in the number of agents that need to be implemented on endpoints to deliver the required level of management. Introducing the 1E Client.

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Windows 10 migrations can be challenging for any organization. So what happens after they're over? This on-demand webinar can help.

Jul 01, 2019 | | Free Tools

Peer Backup Assistant (PBA) now has a High-availability (HA) feature which helps to mitigate the potential risk of PBA Hosts going offline during the task sequence. Read more about it here!

win10 deadline

That pesky deadline is right around the corner! But this webinar will help you put a plan together to get to Win10 on time and on budget. Watch the on-demand session now!

Tachyon Activity Record: Historic data and forensics
Jun 15, 2019 | | Security

Sometimes we want to look at historic data rather than real-time. The “Tachyon Activity Record” or TAR for short, is a component of the agent which provides historic data across a multitude of useful data points.




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