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It’s incredible to me the extent of devastation unleashed against Japan, caused by the mega-earthquake and subsequent tsunami. For some, it can seem so surreal – more something from a storybook – but, if you spend the time to review actual video footage and stay connected to the latest news, this event is as serious as anything in our lifetime.
The most important thing now, I have to think, is the recovery. It starts with locating survivors, and even attempting to manage a nuclear threat, but the recovery is going to take years.
From all appearances, the Japanese people seem to be the most resilient people on the planet. The reports rolling in constantly show a proud people who should be admired for their will to survive. But, no matter how resolute or how honorable they may be, the Japanese people still need our help.
It’s easy to sit and let others do it, but, I think, the more difficult thing to do in times like this is to actually know HOW to help. 1E is led by our CEO and founder Sumir Karayi. Sumir has a one of the biggest hearts of anyone you’ll meet, particularly toward those in need. Sumir has directed us at 1E, to do as much as we can for the Japanese people. To this end, Sumir is asking us at 1E to raise £6,000/$10,000 for the British and American Red Cross. To help achieve this target, 1E has committed to doubling all donations made by employees and associates.
If you would like to donate, please visit the following link to read more:
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Your donation is entirely anonymous and your details will not be used for any other purpose other than the appeal.
There are many companies the world over trying to do their part. Whether you participate in what we are working on or not, I urge you to PLEASE DO SOMETHING!
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