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Ignite – What you might have missed wrap-up

Ignite wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who attended or watched the recording of our webinar “Ignite – What you might have missed”.

Emilé, Simon, and I enjoyed discussing some of the highlights that we thought would be of interest to others.  Microsoft announces new products and advancements throughout the year, so, they usually save many of the big ones for Ignite. As a result, this year was no exception.
Over the past several years, mostly, the theme is that everything is about the cloud.  So, this year there was a clear acknowledgment from Microsoft that not everyone is ready to embrace a full transition to the cloud and that on-premise systems will be around for quite some time, particularly in the area of systems management.
Because of that, there will probably be more focus and improvements to their co-management solution integrations, at least until everyone has transitioned from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Mixed in with all of the messaging around InTune and Modern Management were sessions on how there will be better integration between InTune, Desktop Analytics and Configuration Manager.

One of the more interesting developments on display at the Ignite conference was how Microsoft is integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into nearly every product.

From OneDrive to Office 365 to Desktop Analytics and Search, AI will provide insight and offer suggestions based on the deep analysis of our data to help us see things we may have missed in the past using traditional tools and methods. Even more, one particularly impressive feature was with Systems Management with Desktop Analytics.  Hence, AI will analyze your pilot collections and consequently, make suggestions as to other systems you can add to your pilot to obtain a more inclusive set.
We had a couple of questions asked during our Ignite webinar about Win32 apps in InTune and the new MSIX installer format.  Here is a good blog post on regarding the MSIX installer format.  As for the use of Win32 apps in InTune, we have provided links to that topic below.

We have highlighted some of the topics that were covered in our Ignite webinar and provided links to session videos on them:

  • AI Infused into Everything
  • Secure Score
    • THR3041 – Staying secure with Azure AD and Microsoft Secure Score
  • AutoPilot Refresh
    • BRK3014 – Modern deployment with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft 365 (Part 1 of 2)
    • BRK3015 – Modern deployment with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft 365 (Part 2 of 2)
  • High Availability in ConfigMgr & Desktop Analytics
    • BRK3035 – What’s new in System Center Configuration Manager
    • BRK3007 – Deep dive into Configuration Manager infrastructure simplification with the cloud
  • Desktop Analytics
    • BRK3311 – Managing your deployments with Desktop Analytics
  • Desktop App Assure
    • BRK2225 – Speeding your way to the modern desktop with FastTrack
  • New and Future Capabilities in ConfigMgr
    • BRK2017 – Configuration Manager Chalk Talk
  • Malware and RansomeWare
    • THR1095 – Malware protection on Windows 10 using Hyper-V
    • THR1070 – Go from zero to hero using Azure Site Recovery: Surviving a ransomware attack
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Windows 10 Deployment Tips and Tricks
  • Windows Server 2019
    • BRK2241 – Windows Server 2019 deep dive
  • Win32 Applications in InTune

There are several more sessions on each of these topics.  You can go here for a list of sessions on the Ignite 2018 YouTube Channel.

Above all, you can always check our Resources page. Here we have a bunch of things you’ve probably heard about, but may have missed. We have updates from webinars, white papers, and case studies. Simiarly, our new blog format can help you find the things you may be searching for. With one Community blog featuring current events and industry updates and one Executive blog giving you insights into security best practices, as a result, you’ll never miss an important bit of news.


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