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It’s time to manage your remote workers, once and for all

Remote working culture


We’ve been saying it for months: remote workers create a challenge for organizations.

The amount of remote workers is increasing. Remote workers are typically the bottleneck in business productivity. Remote workers? Confirmed. They’re hard to manage. But the overall benefits of supporting a remote working environment are huge. You get happy employees.  Happy employees mean higher rates of productivity. And the circle goes around and around.
According to a 2018 Owl Labs report, even letting your employees work from home once a month increases happiness by 24%.

So how does an organization eliminate all the struggles that accompany this flexibility?

Yes, there are benefits to supporting a remote working culture. However, these endpoints are leaving companies vulnerable. With the average organization’s workforce 20% mobile, the chances of a breach are increasing. Forget about deploying patches on time. Delays are inevitable because these remote workers aren’t being overseen by automation tools. While employees feel more empowered, security risks are a bigger challenge to keep at bay.

But there are solutions available.

Our CEO Sumir Karayi states,

IT needs to augment their current security tools and not just rip and replace them. Current tools are doing a great job by and large – but they’re not coping with the modern workforce in certain ways, remote workers being a prominent one. IT needs to get a real-time capability that can reach all endpoints, everywhere. And security and ops should both be using something like ServiceNow workflow automation, so that they share a single view of what’s patched, what’s not, what machines are out there and what software is running on them.

Take a look at how our customer, Pernod Ricard compiled a successful strategy.

Augmenting Configuration Manager with something that is automated gives businesses the real-time information required to survive in our modern way of working. Remote workers aren’t going anywhere. (Literally, they’re staying at home!) Let’s get a handle on a strategy of how you’re going to manage them moving forward.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022