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The art of giving back: ITSM Calculator provides major savings

The-art-of-giving-back -ITSM-Calculator-provides-major-savings

Doing more with less is common practice for any IT department.

However, all businesses now face an immediate and increasing challenge with a dichotomy between the growing demands on IT and the available capacity to manage that. The pressure is on for business operations and IT.
Digital transformation is expanding the horizon with a diversity of devices, networks, as well as software and services across a multitude of locations. They all support a new breed of users with consumer-like expectations of availability and response. In addition, it’s crucial to realize that the modern working world is not just changing – it has changed. Consequently, working hours are longer and more flexible. Employee productivity is king for successful organizations. Connectivity, software, and services are more complex. Moreover, security issues are ever more prevalent with more risk exposure than ever before.

It’s no wonder that IT staff feel that working in IT is getting harder.

In fact, according to the 2019 Future of IT Survey by ITSM tools, 84% of respondents feel that working in IT will get harder over the next 3 years. Of this, 53% of respondents feel that working in IT will get harder for specific IT roles.
Such roles will no doubt be those on the front line. Those managing the increasing demands for IT resources to be available 24/7 with minimal downtime and impact on the end user. There is an intense IT skills shortage, technology is more complex, and there is an increasing expectation to meet targets and satisfaction levels. The pressure has never been greater.
Sadly, according to the same survey, 72% of respondents feel undervalued to some extent. Above all, they feel that their efforts and value are insufficiently recognized by management. This, worryingly, is at the detriment to health and well being of the organization. As it’s something that directly impacts recruitment and retention, this is a real challenge for many IT organizations.
Why is this? The survey clearly identifies a strong correlation between IT staff receiving recognition and meeting employee’s expectations. It is becoming well understood that employee experience is important to their IT organization. Therefore, empowering IT Support teams to meet such goals should be of significant importance to every business.

It’s all about the art of giving back.

Firstly, this includes giving back employee time and access to the IT products and services they use. Secondly, recognition of the teams that fight on the front line. Lastly, giving innovation and value back to the business.
That’s the mantra for 1E. It’s about augmenting your existing environment to achieve more. Giving businesses back the time and valuable resources needed to drive innovation and grow. To invest in doing the things that matter, to allow employees to be productive, revenue to grow, as well as business to flourish in increasingly competitive markets.
Focusing on the role of IT Service Management, 1E is augmenting existing ServiceNow ITSM environments to go beyond process management. This helps build endpoint automation straight into a customers’ ServiceNow instance.
The release of 1E ITSM Connect links ServiceNow ITSM with 1E’s Tachyon solution.

This allows helpdesk agents to reach directly into end user devices and servers in real-time to pull back data and effect change, right from the incident page. In summation, this means minimal impact on the end user as well as faster time to resolution.

Immediate savings in efficiency from 1E is giving customers back more time per IT service desk contact.

Most importantly, this ensures support staff capacity exceeds the growing demands placed on them. Every helpdesk interaction costs time and money. Every delay to incident resolution increases potential risk exposure, as well as employee dissatisfaction and productivity levels. That’s why 1E is reducing every helpdesk contact time, closing the gap between capacity and demand, reducing cost, risk and importantly – impact on the business. In other words, 1E is giving back.
Find out just how much by trying our simple online IT Helpdesk Capacity Calculator to discover your own savings that can be achieved with 1E.
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