Leveraging Nomad for Zero Touch ATM migrations

Leveraging Nomad for Zero Touch ATM migrations

The Bank’s Dilemma

Getting an ATM ready for a bank customer to use is still an archaic process. It’s a manual process that includes DVDs which consists of a lengthy series of classic batch files that perform numerous functions. Although the process is mostly automated it still requires a technician that will be required to stand in front of the ATM during the build process. It usually takes the ATM technician 4 to 8 hours to build an ATM for first use. If the ATM has issues that require the ATM to be rebuilt later, it’s another 4 to 8 hours. Having Configuration Manager Distribution Points (DPs) or trying to image via ConfigMgr across the WAN is not efficient. It would also either be too expensive or impractical to have DPs at all branches or places like gas stations which are sometimes connected via slow circuits. Some of these circuits are comparable to dial up modems from the late 1990s.

What’s the solution? Leverage 1E Nomad

Nomad can help in several ways. ATMs are usually stand alone or if they are at a bank branch they aren’t allowed to communicate with other workstations within the branch. The content needed for migrating an ATM can be downloaded to each ATM while not impacting the WAN link between the ATM and the Bank’s data center. What does this mean? It means that once the content required for migration has been tested, it can be downloaded to the ATM’s hard drive without effecting the ATM’s operation. When it’s time to perform the migration, the ConfigMgr deployment can be set and at the designated time the ATM will be migrated with no intervention from a technician.
There still should be safe guards put into place that the ATM will successfully execute the ConfigMgr task sequence. 1E Nomad is integrated into the ConfigMgr task sequence to become the alternate content provider. Nomad can be leveraged in a prerequisite section at the top of the task sequence so that the content is once again verified before the ATM is taken offline. If content isn’t there or if the content has changed, then the ATM is never taken offline.
1E Nomad revolutionizes ATM builds from migrations and break fix scenarios.  A bank can go from having a technician at each ATM to deploying a Nomad integrated ConfigMgr task sequence to basically an unlimited amount of ATMs at once. The archaic way not only includes having an expensive technician onsite but they are onsite most often during Banking hours. When using Nomad, the ATM can be migrated with zero-touch during non-peak hours like the middle of the night.


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