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Windows Software Deployment

Your company needs a cost-effective, low-touch method to help IT staff efficiently manage software deployment.

Part of 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite, Nomad simplifies IT infrastructure, deploying content quickly across WAN or cloud connections, and featuring critical client automation for Windows upgrades or patch deployment.

Features and benefits

Distribute any content, anywhere, any time

Nomad streamlines Configuration Manager to optimize WAN bandwidth. It allows organizations to remove remote distributions points, while ensuring maximum performance with no impact on business traffic.

Keep your organization safe

Keeping endpoints up-to-date is a critical element in any IT security strategy. Nomad lets you deploy patches as soon as they become available. In addition, content is encrypted and digitally signed to ensure it can’t compromised.

Automate for economies of scale

Nomad is the engine for your Windows servicing and content distribution machine. Automation enables massive parallelization and lets IT focus on delivering business value.

  • KBC

    “By building on our Configuration Manager installation, we were able to replace our previous systems and remove all our DP servers.”
    Jan Srb
    System Engineer, KBC

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  • Bacardi

    “Nomad is everywhere within Bacardi. So, instead of having data move multiple times to a site, we can move it once and that data is there.”
    David Keeble

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  • SITA

    “When you talk about SCCM and remote distribution and limited bandwidth, you are thinking about Nomad.”
    Olivier Nguyen

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Windows 10 Servicing

Windows 10 Servicing and Migration

Automate the entire Windows 10 process, including unique BIOS to UEFI conversion for Windows 10 advanced security.

Peer based state migration

Peer based state migration

User settings and data can be migrated using spare capacity on local peer workstations during a computer rebuild or Windows 10 upgrade: no need for expensive servers.

Protect network bandwidth

Protect network bandwidth

Nomad uses dynamic block sizes and unique ReverseQoS bandwidth management to use the maximum available bandwidth without interrupting business traffic.

Endpoint automation

Endpoint automation

No need for manual intervention. Nomad includes automated BIOS to UEFI conversion, WakeOnLan and PXE boot from peers.

Remove 80% of effort from your Win10 migration project

  • Wipe and Load
  • BIOS to secure UEFI
  • Machine replacement
  • Windows servicing updates
  • Home and Internet based workers
  • Ongoing Break/fix
  • Application migration
  • Content distribution and remote servers

Nomad Product Sheet

Learn more about what makes Nomad the leading solution for streamlining infrastructure and optimizing content distribution, as well as an integral part of 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite, download the Nomad Product Sheet.

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Thin Client Management with Nomad

Moving to virtual desktops or “thin clients” has some attractions but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to manage Windows endpoints and applications. Find out why and how to manage them in this whitepaper.

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“We needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That’s where Nomad came into the picture.”

Michal Lackovic
Schneider Electric
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