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How much energy is your PC estate burning?


Do you have any way of accurately determining how much energy your end user computing is costing you on a daily / weekly / monthly / annual basis? Can you even guess what part of the energy bills are attributed to end user computing? Is this even something that you care about?
Of course this largely depends on what position within the business you hold but most people are sadly not in the position to be able to begin to guess at the number, let alone know the actual $$ value.
1E’s customers have been able to accurately identify these costs and as a result are even able to predict with accuracy what it will cost to run the end user computing equipment next week / month / year.
NightWatchman is the technology that can tell you exactly how much energy is being consumed across your PC estate, and when the cost of YOUR energy provision is inserted into the product, NightWatchman can tell you the exact $$ cost per PC that your end user computing estate is costing. OK great, so now I know the cost to keep the lights on but what value does that actually tell me? I can look up my energy bills and roughly figure that out so where is the value proposition of the product? The really key part of the NightWatchman technology is that not only will it advise of uptime and associated cost, BUT will also tell me how much of that time each and every PC was actually doing useful work. In other words it will accurately account for how much time the PC was being used by the user population for real work and by default then can detail how much time the PC was simply sat waiting for a user to make use of it. This is where the first part of the magic lies because this immediately gives us the wastage in energy. The second piece of magic comes from the definition of a power policy that will effectively put the machine to sleep during periods of time that the user does not actually need the PC to be awake (such as overnight while the user population are themselves sleeping), thus immediately having a hard cost saving by reducing energy use. In combination with 1E WakeUp (component of the NightWatchman Enterprise solution) each PC can be awoken just in time for the user so that the user is blissfully unaware that the machine has been sleeping while they were away.
Over the last 18 or so years, we have found that NightWatchman saves 1E customers approximately US$26 per PC per annum by automatically managing uptime. This saving is great for the bottom line and of course when combined with environmental and tax incentives for energy management, really helps with further reducing costs and of course the carbon footprint. If you take a quick look at a previous article you can see that organizations such as Aviva found that 60% of their PCs were left powered on overnight and hence were able to save just over 5million kWh per annum!!
So, back to the original question; can you determine how much energy you are burning? If you would like to not only know the details but also pinpoint means to reduce the burn, reducing your carbon footprint and energy spend, get in touch. We will be only too pleased to help you begin your journey of exploration and savings.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022