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MVP Monday: Preparing for the future

MVP Monday: Gearing up for MMS

We are continuing our MMS series by asking our featured MVPs, Kenny Buntinx, Peter Daalmans, Kim Oppalfens, and MMS founder Brian Mason, their advice on how to come out on top in 2018. In our last post, our MVPs explained some of the issues we can expect to tackle this year. But here, they’ll give you their expert guidance on which skills you should personally acquire, as well as what is best for your organization.
They’ve been to MMS many times and know how to glean from it the very best of experiences. If you missed part 1 and part 2, be sure to go back and have a read.
Question:  Are there any skills you would recommend IT professionals acquire this year?
BM: Always more PowerShell.
KO: Can’t go wrong with PowerShell if you haven’t acquired the basics of that yet. I am kind of repeating myself, but SQL reporting is another often overlooked skill for people in our field. Configuration Manager has a ton of useful data and can easily be extended to collect a ton more. In a day and age were decisions have to be made quicker, as everything goes faster, having access to data to support your decisions is important.. Also being able to build good looking reports and present that data to support your decision-making process is a powerful skill to have in your arsenal.
KB: Powershell: if you didn’t start it 5 years ago. But now, certainly Graph API.
PD: Invest in security!
Question: What new tools do you think are essential for organizations to utilize this year?
BM: Heck, just trying to keep current tools updated is enough!
KO: First, new thing that pops to mind is Windows update analytics.
KB:  I strongly believe it is just not one tool or product … It is a suite of tools that will allow you to accomplish and implement a scenario.  But hey, SCCM still rocks and Co-management will only make it better #FlipTheSwitch!
PD: Depends on the company, but if you think about modern management, look into co-management and flip the switch in Configuration Manager!
Question: What do you look forward to most about this event?  What sets MMS apart from other events? Do you have a favorite memory of a past MMS?
BM: Seeing old friends.  Picking up good nuggets to take home day one.  Since I’ve been to all of them, it’s sort of a blur.  There are going to be some fun things this year for sure.  Fun surprises.
I guess that could be a whole separate blog post. But the thing I always mention is, MMS doesn’t have a speaker room. People might find that counter-intuitive as I am a speaker, but I like the atmosphere it creates having all the speakers just wander around instead of hiding at the conference room like so many other events. I look forward to spending a week with like-minded souls. This is a community event, which holds a very large number of people I’ve known for quite a while. The event has been described as people meeting family, I typically describe us as a pack instead of a group 😊. And that sums up what sets this event apart. I’ve attended and participated a large number of events, both local and around the globe, and there’s nothing quite like it. I have plenty of great memories, and for some odd reason, most of them are late at night, at the bar, talking, discussing and debating the technology we all like.
The beer sessions for sure and the Jeopardy quiz. This event is so rock-solid and community driven! You will not find more in-depth technical experts on the number of square meters, than at MMS
MMS is an awesome community, I am already looking forward to the beer sessions at the end of the day! Another highlight is the annual 1E party!


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