Research: Massive overspending on expensive enterprise licenses (Video)

Research: Massive overspending on expensive enterprise licenses

If you deploy a piece of expensive software, do you check to see if it’s being used? If not, you are almost certainly squandering money.
The results of our comprehensive study showed that on average, 37% of installed software goes unused. In the US alone, that equals a total of $30 billion dollars in wasted IT spend.
Here’s Buffi Neal, Senior IT Financial Analyst, speaking on the startling amount of software waste today:
[vimeo_video id=”144085109″]
Intent on creating an accurate benchmark, 1E’s continuing independent Software Waste research spans 4 years, includes 129 companies across 14 different industries, and involves a total of 3.6 million end users’ PCs.
Register today for the 1E’s Software Waste webinar to understand the key takeaways of this research, get a free copy of the full report:

  • Understand the principal factors driving the widespread waste of software
  • Get familiar with free tools to quantify software waste within organizations of any size

Learn how to evaluate the extent of unused software licenses within your own organization and stop hemorrhaging IT dollars.
Searching for your software waste is not about the money you’ve already spent, but rather about using that waste to decrease future spend. Knowing what you need rather than what you have can help you in enterprise agreement and other software contract negotiations as well as help you avoid, or minimize the unexpected costs of software audits. Using free tools to calculate the value of unused software can provide leverage for the adoption of need-based compliance management. Knowledge is power.


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