Steve Klos is an ITAM Subject Matter Expert at 1E. He has been striving to automate and improve the accuracy of software related processes since he joined Hewlett Packard in 1986. While at HP, Steve developed procedures and tools allowing development labs from around the world to send their software to Cupertino electronically rather than via physical shipments. He also established a network based software distribution and installation processes and tools for HP’s midrange business server computers. Steve was a founding member in an Australia based spin-off from HP that eventually became ManageSoft which created software distribution and software asset management utilities, Steve established the first US offices for ManageSoft and is a co-author of electronic synchronization patents created for the software distribution technology that was eventually acquired by Flexera. Steve recognized that the industry as a whole needed an industry standard for software identification and relationships, making him an ideal fit as the convener of the ISO/IEC standard 19770-2 – the SWID tag standard (initially published in 2009 and revised in 2015). When a non-profit organization, was created in 2009 to evangelize SWID tags, the founding organizations asked Steve to run the program as the executive director. Steve continues his work in the ITAM ISO standards community with the singular goal of making software asset management efforts more automated and accurate. Steve is happily married and he enjoys cycling (both road and mountain), radio controlled airplanes, reading and skiing.
Software License Renewals
Last week we hosted our third Strategic SAM webinar: Renewal Time Again, The Data You Need and How to Use It. In this session we covered tactics and strategies, like software reclaim, that will help you reduce the cost of software license renewals. You can watch the entire webinar and highlight clips on-demand. We took
Can you identify every piece of software that is installed in your organization? Have you been told (likely by your vendor) that you are using the very best recognition library on the market? Can you correlate all software products installed against all known vulnerabilities and identify where there may be known risks in your organization?
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If you deploy a piece of expensive software, do you check to see if it’s being used? If not, you are almost certainly squandering money. The results of our comprehensive study showed that on average, 37% of installed software goes unused. In the US alone, that equals a total of $30 billion dollars in wasted
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The IAITAM ACE conference that was held in Dublin on September 1 and 2, 2015 had the usual interesting speakers, vendors and hallway discussions. There was however, one presentation that stood out for me in its potential impact and that was Ann J. LaFrance from Squire, Patton Boggs, a law firm who provided an overview
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Executive Overview The ISO/IEC 19770-2 revision has passed all country votes and has moved into the publication phase. ISO editors will work through the document and set it up for publication in sometime over the summer of 2015. With the SWID Tag Standard (ISO/IEC 19770-2) revision reaching this pivotal moment, the standard is enjoying tremendous
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Ever wanted to be part of a Standards development process? – now’s your chance! Until May 31, the Trusted Computing Group has the SWID Message and Attributes specification available for review and public comment. This is a relatively vertically focused standard and will be primarily of interest to people who are familiar with the TCG
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We know that for far too many of you, managing your enterprise software and IT landscape is costly, complex, and inefficient. Technology, while well intentioned, can often-times be a barrier to planned outcomes. To effectively measure this impact, please spare a few moments of your time to take this survey – – it will
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At the 2015 IBM Interconnect conference, Jay Venega and Brian Turner of IBM, and Steve Klos of and 1E discussed how software vendors are adapting to the requirements placed on them by their customers for more accurate software information and the ability to automate IT operations. The presentation focused on SWID tags and how
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Adobe, Anthem, EBay, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Sony, Target – household names that have all had data breaches due to Cyberattacks. These cyber-attacks appear to be focused on accessing personal customer data that could be used for financial scams. According to the APT1 Report from Mandiant, hundreds of terabytes of data from at least
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Getting an ISO standard started and shepherded through to publication can be a convoluted and complex process. After all, these standards are being reviewed and approved by countries all around the world. This relatively light-hearted six minute video breaks it down using sock puppets describing the process a document follows on its journey from an