Get a grip on your application inventory

Get a grip on your application inventory

How many apps do you have in your business? How many versions? Which do you want to keep, update, replace or remove?

If you can answer any of those questions, you’re doing a lot better than most corporate IT organizations.

From 1E research, an enterprise has, on average, 1800 applications – and some have many thousands. Getting a grip on the inventory and making sensible decisions about what to do with them is a critical activity today whether as part of planning a move to Windows 10 or a desire to reduce your security attack vulnerabilities.
Application Migration, part of 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite, is the ideal tool for doing just that. The power of Application Migration comes from 1E’s Software Lifecycle Automation (SLA) Platform.
Being the 1E SLA platform product manager means that I usually take a back seat to other products that sit on top of Platform. Today, however, I get to grab some limelight and announce that the latest and greatest platform version is out – version 3.1.
The 1E SLA Platform is focused on consolidating inventory data from a range of various sources– from the ubiquitous SCCM to BigFix, to many others. Sounds easy? Not really – a range of different inventory data formats, coupled with overlapping duplicate data mixed in with gaps in the data means that you have a recipe for confusion.
SLA platform is the answer. It gives you a clear consolidated and normalized view of your software and hardware. It does all the heavy lifting so products like the 1E Windows servicing suite can do their thing – making your Windows upgrading a breeze. Again, they take the plaudits, while the humble platform team works in the engine room and helps to make it all possible.
Anyway, the latest SLA Platform has a host of new features – so I’ll just pick a couple:

  • Easy to set up management groups to categorize your inventory using a range of rules
  • Great matching tools to make normalizing data so much easier
  • Detailed device reports mean you can start at the 10,000 feet level and drill right down to a specific end point
  • Product usage reports help you understand what’s not been used and so what can be reclaimed

So, if you have difficulty understanding what is actually deployed in your estate, or if you are struggling with several different sources of inventory, then contact 1E and tell them that you want to take a look at the new 1E SLA Platform!


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