So how did they perform? Our customers and the CRC League Table

Here at 1E, we’ve been looking at the newly published 2010-2011 CRC Performance League Table.
We wanted to see how organizations are getting on with CRC reporting, but more importantly, with reducing their carbon footprints.
We’re pleased to say that we work with 93 of the top 500 organizations in the Performance League Table (PLT) – that’s a respectable 19%. Almost half (47%) of that number use our flagship PC power management solution, NightWatchman Enterprise including (in order of CRC performance):
· John Lewis Partnership; (2029) Department of Culture, Media & Sport (2018); AT&T (1939); Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust (1922); Wolverhampton Council (1517) in the top 200.
· Oxfordshire County Council (1882); The Department of Work and Pensions (1879); Centrica (1875); Lend Lease (1676); Oxford City Council (1852); The Environment Agency (1827.5); Nomura (1803); EDF Energy (1774); HSBC (1736); Department of Education (1676.5); and SJ Berwin (1676.5) in the top 400.
Of those 16, five are in the top 200 these are John Lewis Partnership (2029); Department of Culture, Media & Sport (2018); AT&T (1939); Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust (1922); Wolverhampton Council (1517). *The scores in brackets denote overall CRC weighted score and the higher the score the better.
Of all of these, we’re proud of all of our customer’s achievements but we’d like to call out Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust. The hospital came in 11th out of 150 hospitals and so ended up in the top 7% overall. Its efforts to be greener, more efficient and work smarter with the IT that it uses have seen it win a number of awards including ‘Greenest Hospital’ at the Healthcare, Excellence and Leadership (HEAL) 2010 and a runner up nomination at this year’s Green IT awards. Well done Shaun!
To find out more about how you can report against the CRC and reduce your carbon emissions using PC power management and server power management software from 1E, please visit:
NightWatchman® Enterprise
NightWatchman® Server Edition
We’re standing by for more information about the CRC. We’ve keeping an eye on the headlines and saw that a hint of a possible reform is in the air:
*Weighted Score – The sum of, the score for each metric multiplied by the weighting for that metric. The weighting applied to each metric is dependent on the compliance year to which the Performance League Table relates. The higher the score the better the ranking in the Performance League Table.


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