Tachyon: IT Ops Tool Revealed

Tachyon: IT Ops Tool Revealed

By now you have probably all read the news about the cyber tools developed by the CIA and revealed in the WikiLeaks “Vault 7” revelations.
Members of the public are naturally incensed at the fact that their TVs and smartphones can be used to eavesdrop on their conversations.
What is less well known, but perhaps even more damning, is the fact that the people with the job of securing your corporate data are being armed with tools that (for the large part) were developed a generation ago – in the days when the worst type of attack you would face was a power outage.
Tachyon Security
Yes, we should keep at least some indignation handy for when, once again, our company’s critical business transformation project is severely impacted because the IT Ops guys need to respond to an ad-hoc, unplanned, and urgent request from IT security to identify and patch every last trace of vulnerable software – and to do so with tools developed nearly two decades ago.
Meanwhile, if the likes of the CIA and the UK’s GCHQ and MI5 can hack into almost any cyber technology, don’t be surprised if determined criminals after your secrets, identity, and money are able to do the same.
How much easier is that going to be if your company’s treasures are secured by your firewall, outdated anti-virus software and a budget that looks like an item on the CEO’s entertainment expenses?

It is like being armed with a Nerf gun and being asked to stop an armed intruder.

So 1E could not have picked a more appropriate time to announce the arrival of Tachyon – the fastest platform to query and control all your endpoints.
Tachyon transforms urgent ad-hoc issue identification and resolution time from hours to minutes. You achieve this by holding a live conversation with every endpoint – it’s as if you were at every device. This gives you the confidence and agility to move at the pace of any IT incident, security threat or compliance risk.

If you want to learn more, please let us know. If anyone was ever in doubt that IT security has failed to keep pace with those with the determination and means to get at your most valuable assets, then the latest WikiLeaks revelations should make for a great wake-up call.


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