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The Insight Advantage: Instant Remediation for Exceptional Digital User Experience

Who wants to work with a broken device or an application that constantly crashes? Literally no one. Workers’ pain intensifies when their IT team can’t detect the issues before they’re forced to submit a ticket and wait. To fix this, companies need data, insights, and a sound digital employee experience (DEX) strategy. But only 3% of IT decision makers (ITDMs) say they have complete visibility into the factors that affect DEX.

Bad DEX and your bottom line

You may not have insight into the material and financial issues poor DEX causes in your organization, but the harm is happening regardless of visibility. DEX affects the bottom line as it ties directly to employee retention and productivity. As Volker Jacobs, Founder and CEO of TI People, writes:

 “A successfully managed Employee Experience increases engagement, which has a direct impact on attraction and retention, as well as work productivity. That again translates into increased revenue.”

DEX can be difficult because essential things usually are

IT pros live in the real world, where no single action can instantly improve something as important as DEX. Devising and executing the right strategy isn’t easy. Our 2022 survey found that 90% of IT decision makers and knowledge workers admit their company’s DEX has room for improvement. And according to Deloitte, 80% of HR leaders believe that employee experience is important, but only 22% say that their organizations are excellent at creating a differentiated employee experience. Where do you go from here?

Collect live data—and don’t forget user sentiment

First, you need lightweight, always-on monitoring and collection of live data across all environment devices and applications. You’ll find valuable DEX insights in data about a device’s performance, stability, and responsiveness paired with the sentiment of its user. We built 1E Experience Analytics for this express purpose.

Find root causes and fix issues in milliseconds

Don’t stop at identification—that doesn’t fix anything. Find the root cause and remediate issues in real-time. The only path to a truly mature DEX strategy (and happy users who love their IT people) is to combine root-cause analysis (RCA) with remediation. Of course, IT needs to have the permissions to make meaningful changes or you’re back to just staring at problems while user productivity plummets. Tools like 1E Endpoint Troubleshooting provide information about the source of any poor experience, which means faster identification and remediation.

A sysadmin’s story

Let’s wrap up with the words and experience of Erik Dixon, a Systems Administrator at Carollo.

“We’ve been experiencing real challenges with hardware recently. Through 1E’s real-time insights, we can instantly see which models aren’t performing well and then drill down into why: is it hardware, software, or both? We’re then able to respond to Support, as well as management, with all the information required to answer the question, ‘Are we purchasing the right equipment?’ 1E has become the first and last place I look for data.”

Ready to get serious about DEX? Explore the 1E Platform.



The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022