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A Look Inside: True Potential of the Tachyon Technology

A Look Inside: True Potential of the Tachyon Technology

I think that we underestimated the importance of what we were building when we started developing Tachyon at 1E. We believed we were creating great tech, a veritable Swiss Army Knife of IT Operations and Security capabilities. We were wrong.

The problem with Swiss Army Knives is that while they are a great thing to have in your back pocket in case of emergency, they often go unused once bought.

Because the saw on your multi-tool is unlikely to be the best saw you’ve ever owned, it falls to disuse and don’t even get me started on the scissors.
I’ve often found that technologies that promise they can do everything don’t really do anything well. Tachyon isn’t a Swiss Army Knife. It is a delivery platform for brilliance. 1E provides a host of discovery and management capability in Tachyon out of the box. Query network connections, running processes, OS configuration, application configuration and installed hardware and software in real time.
Swiss Army knife

Make changes to configuration in real time – start or stop processes, network connections, install or remove software, etc. Do all of this across your Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, and Android endpoints. Server, Workstation, Mobile. This is real power: think Lightsabre rather than crappy scissors!

Being able to query software installed, subset and query network connections, sub set and query a configuration detail and then take an action is like having a conversation with your devices. With the typical IT Ops tools of today, these conversations would take hours and days to have – like communicating via post, rather than via instant messaging (with Tachyon).

Tachyon took design cues from how mobile phones get email faster than your desktop (always on connection) and from Twitter (small packet size) to enable scale and speed that has to be seen to be believed.

With Tachyon, you’re connected to your endpoints regardless of where they are. The perimeter in a modern network barely exists anymore. You need to query and protect your endpoints outside your LAN, WAN and VPN constructs. All “Digital” companies have a high percentage of employees who work from home, who are constantly on the move, working from hotels, coffee shops and airports via WiFi, often without using VPN access.
Tachyon isn’t like a Swiss Army Knife, it’s like a Smart Phone. It allows for correlation of converged data, across your entire estate. Even if you have a tool today that tells you what IP connections your endpoints are making in real time (even the ones in Starbucks) – can you map that data to which machines are running Windows 8.1 with a specific piece of software installed which don’t have a specific patch in place? In one tool? With 1 person? In seconds? Globally?
Smart Phone Tachyon

Beyond the out of the box capabilities, the best of your best sys admins and security architects can create functionality which can be used by your most junior admins to understand and resolve problems that would normally be well beyond their capabilities. They can leverage the power of Community to share their best ideas with other Tachyon customers and to request assistance from 1E and that wider community to improve and resolve issues they’ve struggled with.

Convergence, Conversation, and Community. Tachyon is massively powerful. It redefines what IT Operations and IT Security administrators can consider possible. It really is the start of a new paradigm for IT. I for one am very proud to be part of it – and I encourage you to check out Tachyon on the 1E website and join us as we redefine “possible”.


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