Jason Keogh is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in Software Asset Management (SAM) and a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry. Jason has a wealth of experience in desktop and datacenter technologies, particularly with giants Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Jason founded the leader in the discovery inventory space, iQuate in 2002 and acted as CEO and CTO there until 2014. Jason is now VP of Product for 1E, the leader in Software Lifecycle Automation and leads the SAM vision for the company. He is a contributor to the IT Asset Management process standard ISO 19770-1, a co-editor of the Software Identification Tag standard ISO 19770-2 and the editor of ISO 19770-3, the new international standard for defining and managing Software License Entitlements. Jason is a regular blogger and an entertaining and thought provoking speaker who talks several times a year at SAM, ITAM and Procurement events internationally. Jason lives near Dublin, Ireland with his wife Alyson and their three sons.
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I think that we underestimated the importance of what we were building when we started developing Tachyon at 1E. We believed we were creating great tech, a veritable Swiss Army Knife of IT Operations and Security capabilities. We were wrong. The problem with Swiss Army Knives is that while they are a great thing to
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SAM Webinar part 4
Thanks to everyone who joined our Strategic SAM webinar on Top 3 Threes of Software Asset Management. We discussed: the top 3 reasons to implement SAM, why SAM projects fail, innovations in SAM today and how to leverage them for successful SAM. Missed the live session? Watch the on-demand recording. Here are some of the
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An old friend of mine in the world of SAM contacted me about something very interesting just today. He told me that a company (not his, but one where he knows the SAM people well) had over bought an excess of several million dollars worth of licenses from a vendor. They had noticed the discrepancy
Thanks to everyone who joined us during last week’s webinar Leveraging the Power of Software Asset Management! This is the first in a 4-part web series on Strategic SAM. Last week, we discussed: How businesses can achieve quantifiable cost reductions at times of software renewal Approaches to reduce the interruption, time, cost and risk of
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1E recently produced a very interesting study (see The Real Cost of Software Waste) which analyzed data from over 3.6m desktops across 150 companies and took over four years to compile. According to the IT Financial Analyst team which put the study together, on average in the US, 37% of software is wasted – going
You may have seen a blog post from a well-known SAM vendor last week, in which they announced the availability of automated license re-harvesting to drive a more seamless and efficient SAM process. The “new” solution was described as “4th Generation SAM,” which surprised us on two counts here at 1E. It surprised us because,
Join us to learn more at the in person networking event on April 21 in London In conjunction with the ITAM Review, 1E are hosting an event in London on April 21st from 4pm which will discuss three Software Asset Optimization / ITAM related topics, including the benchmark study and Reclaim. 1E have produced a
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So – we’ve created a new acronym for Software Asset Management (SAM) in 1E. We’re calling it SAO – Software Asset Optimization. Why yet another acronym? And why “Software Asset Optimization”? Because ITAM and SAM have always, to some degree, frustrated me. It is crucial to manage your IT Assets (which is the stated aim
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My friend, colleague on WG21, and all round gentleman John Tomeny posted something on Facebook yesterday which got me to thinking. He suggested that this news article was going to generate a lot of attention: here. I wonder… Is it? Well, obviously John and I are both “talking” about it – so there is some
I’ve been working in IT for about 20 years now, most recently coming from iQuate, a company I founded in 2002. I’ve had IT Asset Management responsibilities or been involved directly and specifically in the development of software for IT Asset Management for at least 16 years. Back in 2010, working alongside Oracle’s LMS department