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Last chance to upgrade to Nomad 7

What does Nomad 6.3 end of life mean?

End of life means that we will no longer provide hotfixes, maintenance updates, or technical assistance for Nomad 6.3 after July 31, 2020.

What happens if you continue to use Nomad 6.3?

If you are ready to upgrade from Nomad 6.3, we’ll assist you throughout that process. Please speak to your account manager.
If you’re unable to upgrade to the latest version, then you can continue to use legacy version of the product and receive support documentation from the Support Portal.
However, we will continue to support Nomad 6.3 on ConfigMgr 2002 as well as earlier Microsoft supported versions and Windows 10 1909. But there will be no further hotfixes or maintenance releases produced unless an issue is deemed to be critical. All feature requests will be only considered for Nomad 7 or later.

What should you do if you’re using Nomad 6.3?

You should plan to upgrade to version 7 of Nomad before July 31, 2020. This latest versions of Nomad is now incorporated into the 1E Client, along with the 1E Shopping, WakeUp and Tachyon agents, making it easier for you to deploy or upgrade any or all of our client-based solutions with a single agent and installer.
To upgrade to Nomad 7, you will install the latest version of the 1E Client. More Details on the 1E client can be found in our 1E Client FAQs. You can download the software directly from the 1E support portal.

Why should I upgrade to Nomad 7?

With the latest release of Nomad, you could be taking advantage of the following key features:

  • Ongoing platform Support for the latest Microsoft Configuration Manager and Windows releases
  • Reduction of client agents if you are using other 1E products with Nomad
  • Seamless delivery of content over VPN
  • Support for Windows 10 Express File Updates
  • Support for downloading content for software updates from Microsoft Update when deployed through Configuration Manager
  • Singe site download optimization
  • Improved resilience of content registration for reporting and single site download
  • 33 quality updates rolled up

With the latest version of Nomad, you’re also entitled to use Tachyon for the Nomad Content Pause feature and Nomad and Configuration Manager Client Health through Tachyon Guaranteed State. These features are optional (Nomad 7 does not require Tachyon), but we recommend customers start to take advantage of these features. We will be extending Nomad functionality in future releases, including a new dashboard through further Tachyon platform integration.
We also recommend catching up with our latest Nomad webinar ‘Remote working with 1E Nomad‘ to see how it can help you support an increase in home working.

Training and support

1E provides both instructor-led training and offline modular facilities to help you understand how you can upgrade to the latest release as well as taking advantage of these new features to make even better use of your Nomad investment. We have upcoming training programs on implementing and using Nomad Enterprise. For course details and dates please click here or you may contact us at [email protected].
If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] where we can help you learn more and get a plan together for your migration to your latest Nomad experience.
For more details on product lifecycle and support maintenance visit: Products Lifecycle page on the 1E Support Portal


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