Vlog | Three Quick Questions About Nomad


In this informal vlog interview we explorwhat’s new in Nomad 7.1 and uncover a few hidden gems worth knowing if you’re a Nomad customer. As leaders of innovation and augmentation, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your 1E investments such as Nomad – and other partner solutions such as Microsoft’s Delivery Optimization – is of critical importance. Join us as we discuss the why and how you can accomplish this in our brief eight minute interview. 

And for anyone that would prefer to jump to a specific question, you can find the timestamps and questions asked below: 

  • 0:42 – What is something exciting about Nomad that is new with the recent 7.1 launch? 
  • 3:25 – Can Nomad identify large files/packets that are not being utilized and need to be removed?  (Dynamic Cache Cleaning) 
  • 4:44 – What is Nomad doing currently to augment Microsoft’s offering? (Delivery Optimization) 
  • 5:56 – Are there any commonly unknown tips or tricks you’re willing to share with viewers concerning Nomad?  (P2P over http/s) 

Want to discover more? Learn all you need to know about the latest Nomad 7.1 release by downloading our factsheet today! 


2023 Employee Productivity Surveillance Technology Survey

2023 Employee Productivity Surveillance Technology Survey