What can IT learn from the US Open & Wimbledon Ball boys & girls?


You would think that IT and tennis have nothing in common. One is a sport that rewards cunning guile, a strategic mind, and peak physical prowess whilst the other involves hitting a ball over a small net. In all seriousness, there are some good lessons you could garner from watching tennis that are also applicable in the IT world. Specifically from the way the ball boys and girls conduct themselves in such an exemplary, disciplined manner. Ambareesh Kulkarni, Vice President of Professional Services at 1E, has published his insight into an article over on TechRepublic entitled: “What can IT learn from the US Open & Wimbledon Ball boys & girls?”
Here’s a snippet of the article Ambareesh has published:

“Have you ever noticed the US Open or Wimbledon ball boys or girls during a tennis match? No?
That is because one isn’t meant to. These boys & girls work, train and practice extremely hard to stay unnoticed. If one doesn’t notice these boys & girls, then they have done a fantastic job. These boys & girls have one aim, which is to keep the game going…”

He concludes with a few tips and tricks that can help you improve your IT and apply a little bit more tennis to your IT world. Read the full article here.


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