What Is Green Technology?

What Is Green Technology?

Google “green technology” and this is what you’ll see:

That sounds fantastic, right? You don’t get the full picture of what it is, though. What about the impact of non-green technology versus “green technology”? From saving and generating energy to utilizing non-toxic products, “green technology” incorporates multiple materials, people, and practices to achieve this stature. It’s a badge of honor not many companies truly hold.

I got completely freaked out by the film Future Life on Earth. The desire for me to reduce my own technological footprint has now become greater.

Because of things like “smart dust” (which will be integrated into buildings that will be the makeup of “smart cities” which will then adapt themselves to their surroundings), I can’t help but feel as if the journey to gaining a smaller footprint is, in fact, fruitless. Our trains will be monitored. Potholes will report themselves. Forget about checking traffic reports as you’ll get updates about your commute. The city will know where you are. Your buildings will automatically bring you to your correct floor in your workplace or home without the touch of a button. This isn’t science fiction. This is technology we already have.

What is 1E doing about their technological footprint?

1E supports many energy efficiencies, sustainability, and green IT initiatives, and we have commissioned a significant amount of independent research on PC (PC Energy Report) and Server (Server Energy & Efficiency Report) energy and efficiency. Our solutions have led to a $1.4 billion reduction in energy costs.
Take a peek at one of our star products, NightWatchman. NightWatchman reduces your companies carbon footprint and improves health, lifespan, and security of your PC estate. How? Download this Case Study to see how the US Department of State’s initiatives ensures a 21,000-ton reduction of its carbon footprint in only a few months thanks to NightWatchman.


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