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PC Power Management

Patch compliance is a critical element of any security strategy. 1E’s NightWatchman ensures that devices can be patched and restarted even if powered down. It also helps organizations recoup millions in energy savings and massively reduce their carbon footprint.

Align your security, business and sustainability goals by removing the guesswork.

Features and benefits

Cost Savings

By ensuring unused machines aren’t consuming unused energy, NightWatchman reduces energy spend by an average of $26/PC per annum.

Automated control of PC power usage saves individual enterprises millions in energy bills per year.

Increase Control

NightWatchman allows IT to streamline out-of-hours maintenance, by enabling users to collectively wake all the machines on a site.

Also, thanks to NightWatchman 7.2’s integration with Tachyon 3.1, you can instantly verify WakeUp’s wake-on-LAN success, even for hundreds of thousands of computers.

Support Productivity

NightWatchman provides the data needed to help identify problems, while maximizing battery life and ensuring all devices are correctly configured.

This reduces interruptions and boosts productivity.

Accurate software inventory


Monitor, analyse and report on power usage on a device-by-device level.

Clear reporting


Receive clear and accurate energy reports to help you meet objectives, avoid penalties and claim rewards.

Current usage calculation


Remotely wake PCs for out-of-hours patching and rebooting.

Live Online Status

Live Online Status

Instantly verify WakeUp’s wake-on-LAN success – even for hundreds of thousands of computers.

computer reclaim

Computer Reclaim

Reduce your security vulnerabilities by eliminating unnecessary computers.

NightWatchman Product Sheet

NightWatchman is an ingenious, continuously evolving solution. To find out more about its latest features, and how they can help your organization meet its energy efficiency aims, download its Product Sheet here.

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News & Insights

“US Department of State’s Efficient IT initiatives ensure a 21,000 tonne reduction of its carbon footprint in a few months thanks to PC power management.”

US Department of State
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