NightWatchman is a complete PC power management and availability solution. NightWatchman can significantly reduce power costs if your organization uses desktop PCs or workstations (generally not with laptops). NightWatchman includes advanced Wake-on-LAN capabilities to ensure all PC and laptops are remotely switched on to receive critical patches. It also identifies unused PCs and laptops and their corresponding desks. Many of our customers have used the latter to help identify where they can reclaim office space with the least amount of effort.

NightWatchman capabilities include:

Power usage and savings reports

Accurate PC and laptop power usage and savings reports. 1E maintains the largest PC power database in the world so your reports are always accurate.

Ensure you are saving power

Ensure you are saving power. NightWatchman has advanced power savings features to ensure that power is being saved when the PC is not being used and diagnose issues if there is a problem with Windows power management.

Patching success

Patching success by ensuring all endpoints are remotely switched on to receive critical patches and then rebooted to apply them. Individual workstations can be woken for remote management and use. Remote wake-on-LAN actions are verified to ensure that all PCs can successfully receive critical patches.

Computer and desk reclaim by identifying unused PCs

Computer and desk reclaim by identifying unused PCs. Nightwatchman provides automated identification of unused PCs and desks which help reuse of PCs and reclaim spare desk capacity.

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