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Why non-functionals matter and what makes the 1E Tachyon Platform so exceptional

Why non-functionals matter and what makes the 1E Tachyon Platform so exceptional

It isn’t always immediately obvious why the performance of the underlying platform is so crucial, perhaps because people are drawn to thinking from the perspective of a single user taking a single action. Does it really matter if there’s a moderate, short-term impact on the network and endpoints, and does it really matter if a query takes 20+ seconds to return results? In that scenario, the answer is “probably not”.
The reality is that, in an enterprise environment, there are going to be multiple users running actions/queries (or “instructions” in 1E terminology). As the maturity of platform adoption increases, there are going to be more users that are likely distributed across teams and business units. This is desirable for organizations because shared tooling means a common skillset and understanding, which fosters collaboration and sharing of knowledge.
These additional users and the cross-team adoption will drive new use cases and the number of simultaneously running instructions will continue to grow, which is precisely what you want in order to maximize your investment.

The limitations of script-based endpoint management solutions

To understand what makes the 1E Tachyon Platform exceptional and why it’s so well suited to large enterprises, we first need to take a look at traditional endpoint management solutions.
Unfortunately, most traditional endpoint management solutions exclusively rely on pushing scripts, which contribute to their underwhelming non-functionals. Indeed, an ever-growing number of users and use cases means the time will quickly arrive when the cumulative impact on the network and endpoints becomes so significant that use of the platform must be prioritized or rationed.
An analogy would be to make a comparison with a modern search engine. Users expect a highly performant experience, yet it would be absurd for them to have to worry about the possibility of causing significant negative business impact because too many colleagues are running searches at the same time.
IT organizations don’t want to have to limit the number of users, they don’t want to restrict the number of use cases, and they don’t want to throttle the number of instructions they can run. They also don’t want network and endpoint impact concerns to dictate how much value they can get from their investment, which is why 1E’s Tachyon Platform is so powerful. Our largest customer has over 500k endpoints, we have more than 100 customers with over 100k endpoints and, crucially, our non-functionals are so incredible that we’ve never had to have a discussion about limiting or restricting the use of the platform.

An overview of the 1E Tachyon Platform

The 1E Tachyon Platform is a real-time digital experience management solution and has been designed and built from day one with the utmost consideration given to the digital employee experience.
Native instructions are usually less than a single packet, meaning:

  • The platform has negligible impact on the network
  • The platform remains performant in low-bandwidth, high-latency environments

The 1E Client maintains an always-open, outbound connection to our virtual switch, with mutual repudiation and encrypted communication. That means:

  • When we run an instruction there is no delay in establishing a connection or reliance on passing data between peers.

Although we can deploy scripts, our native instructions are calls to the operating system’s API. This architecture has several distinct advantages over scripts:

  • The average execution time on the endpoint is hundreds of times faster—that’s why when we say real time, we mean it. It’s literally sub-seconds because there’s no delay in having a shell start up to then execute the script.
  • Our instructions are extremely resource-light on the endpoint and unnoticeable to the end user, protecting the digital employee experience.
  • Malformed scripts can cause unforeseen issues, such as ‘blue screens’, whereas our native instructions are as stable as the operating system itself.

The 1E Tachyon Platform was built with non-functionals front of mind in order to ensure a future-proof solution with no restrictions on utilization, no limits on return on investment, and a positive impact on digital employee experience.
All of this is what makes the 1E Tachyon Platform so exceptional. See it for yourself here. Or why not book a demo to learn more about the platform capabilities and how it can help your organization today.


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